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47. DVD of the BBC-series: Great Rift: Africa's...

I'm very impressed by the BBC series: Great Rift: Africa's Wild HeartI love every moment of it.The way nature is filmed is amazing. The effort the crew took to give us an insight in animal behaviour was huge. But it certainly paid off.It's one of the few series that keeps me focused from the first second to the last. And makes me dream long after the episodes have finished.The series is narrated by Hugh Quarshie, one of my favorite players of Holby City.His voice calms me, and draws me in the film even m... read more »

46. Each time they sound a smile of a friend en...

Yesterday I was talking with one of my daughters about the new friends online that are such a huge support, just as my offline friends.Some offered to go with me to hospital appointments, which is very kind. Right now I don't need a person to go with me to talk to the doc, because going by myself makes me more focused and more critical.But I don't know what I need in the near future.I said: 'Sometimes internet is not as good as writing letters, otherwise I could put their letters of support in my bag'.Do... read more »

43. Went to the 4-Days Marches

The main event in our city, Nijmegen, is a special event called: The 4-Days Marches.The festivities around it start the Saturday before.It's a huge festival with open air concerts, music everywhere in the center in town, and a lot more.And Tuesday early in the morning, the marches start. All 4 days people walk the same age-related distance of 30, 40 or 50 km, the routes are different each day.On Friday the last part is walked on a long straight road, which is only called that day: Via Gladiola.Because th... read more »

42. Study ethics

I would love to have the opportunity to study ethics.It has been of the main subject in my life.When I was young, my uncles loved to discuss ethical matters like war, resistance. We sat for hours discussing things, while my gram gave us coffee, tea, lemonade and her home baked cookies.Often she would sit with me later in the week, reviewing the discussion, giving advice.At university I often found myself discussion matters with my fellow students and professors.It was in a time that feminists were lookin... read more »

39. A caregiver's house

The past years the care for people has moved from professionals to family, or better said; from educated and paid, to uneducated and non-paid.The influence on me and my family is tremendous.The oldest went from living in a house with professional care (office within the house), to living in his own apartment without any care at all.The second son was living in his own apartment, rented from a care-organisation, with 24 hours service from professional caretakers, who had their office in the apartment buil... read more »

38. Singing jazz

It was such a privilege to live in the same city as one of the most famous singers of the world, a civil rights activist, a woman with so many thoughts and feelings that she could understand the young woman I was.When I told my gram I'd discovered Nina Simone lived in our city, she smiled and told me to go and talk to her. 'Maybe she's lonely as the only black woman here.', she said. 'You're one of the few here who speaks her language fluently, and people always appreciate to be able to speak in their ow... read more »

34. Watch seals near Texel

Spotting seals on or near Texel can be as easy as you wish.On Texel they care for seals in a seal hospital.For children it's a very interesting place, as they can see how the seals are cared for, and they can even watch feeding them.And when you're lucky you'll see them when you're on the ferry to Texel. I haven't been that lucky.You can also go to those beaches where they visit regularly or from where you can see them on a sandbank with your binoculars. Mind the time: two hours before low tide until an ... read more »

33. I want to learn sheepfarming

In the past I didn't like sheep. I considered them to be a stinking lot, but the little ones were cute.Gradually my opinion changed, and I started to get interested in what's needed to farm them.I don't expect to be able to keep sheep unless I can realize my dream to live somewhere in the UK and some money shower hits me.But as life never stops to suprise me, I decided to put this on my bucketlist too.I have far too many items on it I'll never able to afford anyway.So let's value the dream, and enjoy dre... read more »

32. The Settle-Carlisle Railway

Even though I was (and am) a girl, Ron wanted to show one of the Welsh most remarkable features. He told me we would go to see a viaduct, and first wanted to hear from me if I knew the meaning of a viaduct. I was 11 and knew the meaning. He smiled. I remember his smile and the way he looked to my dad, as if they had prepared a huge surprise.Well, he didn't prepare it himself. Lots of hard working men did that before it opened in august 1875.I was surprised indeed: 24 arches to cover the distance of a bea... read more »

30. Shepherding

Working with a sheepdog seems to be such a privilege.Even being present at a contest in the UK would make me feel very delighted.Dog and shepherd are such a close team. It's fascinating to see the dog react to each and every whistle and thus bringing the sheep where the shepherd wants them to be.To be a good team, it's best when one teaches the dog from the moment he's born, preferably with a well trained older dog.I don't think I'll have enough time and money to do so.But I've learned in life never to s... read more »

28. A couple of days in London

It's long ago that Dad and I went to London.We had been with the family where he stayed during part of WW2, in Wolverhampton, and before going back to The Netherlands he wanted to show London, some places he had been during the war and get a good feel of the city.We went....almost everywhere. It seemed.I remember many great moments, places and events.We went to see the Koh-i-Noor, the largest diamond in the world, had to wait in line for over 3 hours, but it was well worth the wait. I loved to see the cr... read more »

26. Indoor skydiving

Indoor skydiving is the nearest to parajumping I can think of.I might even consider it a test for myself if I dare to jump out of a plane and bring myself in the right position to float on air.I've always enjoyed seeing indoor skydiving.It looks easy, but I know it isn't.But I think it's a great experience.So who knows.... Please respect copyright and privacy laws. Don't copy my blogposts, but redirect people to my blog when you want to share the content. read more »

25. Fly in a hot air balloon

When the flame is ignited again and I hear the sound, I feel like a kid and run outside, with the camera. When it drifts over my house I can't resist to wave, and often I see the people in the sky waving back.Then through the house I run, so I can see the balloon once more before it fades and lands at an unknown place.I know the balloon is huge.When it's still laying on the floor it looks like an apartment building asleep, brought to life by men running around to stretch the fabric and then shooting the ... read more »

24. Make hats

Most little girls love hats.I was lucky to grow up in a time that older women had to wear hats. So there was always one laying on a hall table, hanging from the corner of a bed or a chair, or given to me.I was not going for the look, but for the feeling.It made me feel rich and nice.Then one day my aunt or gram gave me a basket.I used it as a lady's bag, until I suddenly popped it on my head. I remember my aunt laughing.I was allowed to keep the basket. And I started to pin things on it, like flowers and... read more »

23. Visit Petra

Petra is a very old Jordanian city, dated at 312 BC, one of the new 7 wonders of the world.The rock architecture is what's most attractive bout the city, but very interesting too is the water conduit system. Because of the rose coloured rock, Petra is also known as Rose-city.Petra was one of the places at a trade route, in the middle of the dessert. Because it's founders, the Nabataeans, were real experts of water control, Petra was an oasis in the dessert.Nowadays Petra is entered through a narrow gorge... read more »

22. Become a falconer

When I was 4, I saw a wild bird of prey in the woods. It was a large buzzard. Probably very hungry, because he didn't pay any attention to my father and me.The intensity of the moment was so strong, that the memory lasted all those years.When I was a bit older we went to a falconer's place. He had many birds. The people who accompanied me were afraid of the birds, and stayed far away. I was so fascinated by the birds' curiosity that the falconer had to warn me to keep a safe distance.He didn't give a sho... read more »

21. A garden house

One of my oldest wishes is a garden house. A mini-place of my own, to sit quietly, write, think, create.Ofcourse an internet connection would be nice, and flowers in the window.I've never managed to have such a place of my own. I didn't even have a room.But I gave my children a small house to play, and maybe we can do something with it.It's a very small wooden house. It can only contain a chair, and maybe a shelf in front of the little window. That's it.When we make a basis of stones, and build a part if... read more »

20. A real vacation

I can't remember the last time I went on a true vacation.It's more than 30 years ago.The reason why we haven't gone during all those years was simple: 4 kids with special needs and two kids with normal needs was just too much. Too much luggage, as we didn't have a car, too much money, and too many problem to deal with.Our children were autistic, and they didn't feel happy in another environment. They had enough to deal with when there was no need to go to school.I've had some individual days that were a ... read more »

18. A medical emergency course

More than a first aid course In the past I've assisted at accidents before the ambulance arrived.I know I stay calm and act medically appropriate, even when improvisation is needed.After the terrorist attacks of last weeks civilians were of utmost importance in taking care of the victims before the ambulances arrived.I live near a railway station, shopping center, and at walking distance of an important roundabout. At the other side of my house a couple of schools are situated.So I'm available within mi... read more »

17. Be a travel reporter

Today I got the question; 'Would I be able to be a travel reporter?' Wish it was a job offer.The answer is'YES!!'How I know?Before I studied psychology I studied English. Just a year, but I learned a couple of things that came in handy later in life. One of these things was being a radio reporter. Of course it was to encourage us to speak freely in a foreign language and to have a clear pronunciation.The choice our team made was for a subject that was in the news at the moment: Mexican archeology. Not ve... read more »

16. Go dog sledding

Maybe it's because I was born in January, in one of the coldest winters. The water beside my mother's bed was frozen.I love snow. The feeling and sound of it under my feet, the silence when it comes down, and the light on the ceiling when it surprises me when I wake up.When an online friend moved to Alaska and her husband started training for dog sledding competitions it got all my attention and I even started dreaming about it.The eagerness of the dogs, the long distances without a human being, the spee... read more »

15. Ride a horse

My kids went horse riding at school! They absolutely loved it.Before that I never thought I would be interested.I grew up in a part of town that even now is called a village. We had the cloister garden right in front of our house, and the farm at the end of the street, opposite the school.There was one horse. A working horse. It pulled the plow, and I'm sure it had decided to have a bad mood during the rest of it's life. Her life, I should say. She was called Sylvia, was considered nasty and dangerous, a... read more »

14. Learn the Tango.

I've done a bit of ballroom dancing in the past.Not much, the lessons were not very interesting and I'd rather spent my time in ballet-lessons.We, ballet dancers, were supposed to dance everything that needed to be danced and I have to say that our ability to copy bodily movements came in handy.Posture, attitude,, rhythm, no problem. And with good leader not much could go wrong.So I danced with my dad and adopted English uncles in the club in Birmingham as a young girl, danced in Germany, Austria and Ita... read more »

8. Just a saterday

Today should have been the realization of number 8, being on a movie set. My son invited me to the set of the new short movie. I was looking forward to it.To see him and his friends jumping out of a plane, and all the other things that go on on a set.I know quite a lot of people there, so I knew I wouldn't feel awkward.But the weather forecast was amazing: 32 degrees celcius, The place as unwise for a heartpatient as it could be: a large area of just heather and heather, no shade, and nothing else, and r... read more »

12. Brecon Beacons

When my father and I visited the family my father stayed with during WW2, we had the best time of our lives.Ron drove us around England, Wales and Scotland, day after day, to show us the highlights, clean up some wartime memories with dad, and connect me with the beauty of it all. He succeeded.Since then I have an intense longing for the places I have been and an inner go home.Elsewhere I will express my wish to find a job in Wales, Scotland or England, a small house and a re-connection with t... read more »

10. Find my university friend

At university I studied quite some years with a friend. We used to study in the same way, underlining the same words and sentences. So we started sharing books and thus saving money.I have nice memories of making dinners together, shopping at the greengrocers, listening to music, making music and being at parties and sharing friends.When the years went by I became more and more aware of how important that friendship had been, how on ease I felt.When I was in hospital, facing death, I felt sad I would lea... read more »

9. Visit an active vulcano. Etna?

It's feels like a kind of logic: as a psychologist I ant to see the core of a person, as a human being I want to see the core of the earth.I know, I know, that's a bit too much to ask. Too hot too.But Mother Earth is eager to give us an insight into her, by moving her core outside through vulcanos.Nearby...relatively... is the Etna. It's a well observed, recorded and guarded vulcano, and as I'm in Europe it feels within geographical reach.A few years ago the news mentioned there was an outburst again and... read more »

8. Be at a movie set

Last year my son and his parachutist friends acted in a short movie, which was released to promote a WWII museum.The release was a very festive event, because the exhibition it was related to was opened at the same time and lots of important people were present and a member of the Royal Family held a speech and signaled the official start of it all.The movie was outstanding, and it was a pity there was no money to make a large movie.Especially because the crew is very talented and there is enough story t... read more »

7. Burning man

Before I saw the images, a report on TV, the name, I knew there should be a place where reality and fantasy could merge because people want to express themselves and be an inspiration for others and share the experience.I would love to walk into the fantasy of someone else and be a part of it and see others take part in mine. No fantasies of being beautiful, or better, or whatever, no competition, but sharing something creative and spiritual that is living inside every human being, hidden under the layer... read more »

6. Watching the aurora

By DiapicardAs a little girl I loved to watch the stars and everything else that happened in the sky. I asked my father quite a lot about the stars and constellations and when I was able to read I often went to the library in our street and sat in a corner reading about stars, space research and influences on earth from space.One winter evening some northern light was in the sky above the skating rink. The skating came to a halt and we stood there gazing in silence.From that time I wanted to go north to ... read more »

5. Festival Mundial

Festival Mundial is a two day event, featuring world music and other cultural expressions.We went there quite often in the past for one day.It was nice to meet people from Africa and sing with them, interesting to discuss politics with a youth member of one of the largest political parties of the country and eat food I'd never tasted before.When we couldn't afford to go anymore, partly because the train ticket was too expensive, we volunteered.This added to the fun. We had to hand out leaflets and walk p... read more »

4. Turning pots

Turning pots has been on my list for a long long time.As a child I could look at the turning wheel for ages, fascinated not by the wheel, but by the fragility and strength of the clay.That it's possible to make a vase that holds water and flowers, or a bowl that can last for a lifetime, and yet when the potter does something wrong the clay will suddenly be fragile and the whole lot will bend like cloth or collapse after the slightest instability.I've been looking in town to take pottery classes a couple ... read more »

1. A Beagle

I would love to spend my time with a beagle.It's not only the best excuse and a bit of pressure to go to walk a few times a day, it's also a lot of fun to have a companion and a friend, to teach things and to rest together.A few years ago I had a very interesting experience.We were driving on the road to Germany, which leads through hills and woods and saw a few people on horses carefully descending the very uneven slope of a bushy hill.It was such a beautiful sight that we parked the car and I took my c... read more »

13 Reasons Why You Should Visit South Korea (an...

I was 12 when I told myself that there’s no such thing as love at first sight, but I was wrong, because in 2003, I fell in-love at first sight in Korea. Prior to my visit, my only dream then was to visit Korea to satisfy my addiction for Kdrama and Kpop—buy Kpop merchandise Korean cosmetics, watch a Kpop concert, and visit filming locations. But after seeing my dream face to face, and realizing that reality was so much better than what I dreamt of, I fell in-love and found a new dream. I want to see a... read more »

Bucketlist: Activities you can do only in Korea...

Hello! Ever since my first visit to Korea way back 2013, many people would often ask me about 'must-try' activities that can only be done there. Hence, I came up with my own 'bucket list' which I'd like to share with you in this post :) If you'll be travelling to Korea soon, it would be good to come up with your own list too. Write down the activities you want to do, check their locations and group the once that are near each other. After that, you can assign a schedule to each of them. This way you can... read more »

Travel Bucketlist 2015

It is still early 2015 and it seems to me like this can be a good time to put up my travel bucket list for this year. I can choose to go totally crazy and list up all kinds of unrealistic travels and destinations (f.y.i it is only money that holds me back), or I can acctually put up a list that I really can achieve during this year. I'm going to go for the realistic one. /Det er fortsatt tidlig på året og det er kanskje ikke så dumt å sette opp en liten ønskeliste over hvor man vil dra i år. Man kan j... read more »

Norway top 7 must see

Norway is a extremely beautiful country and I think a lot of people agree with me when I say that this is a gem when it comes to travel, adventure and experience. There is a reason why Norway as a tourist destination has gotten so much attention in the international media over the past years. This is a dream destination, something I haven't learned to appreciate until I was way pas my twenties. Anyway, there is so much of this beautiful country I call home I want to see and I think a share this bucketlis... read more »

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