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Feline Friday – Time For Breakfast

bethere2day - Feline Friday This weeks Feline Friday is "Time For Breakfast" post yours and link up Feline Friday Time For Breakfast read more »

Breakfast delights at La Bottega di Finestra in...

La Bottega di Finestra Today were in Prague tucking into an energy-building brekkie before embarking on a walking tour of the city. La Bottega is a  contemporary bistro and Italian deli with a dining area at the front where they... The post Breakfast delights at La Bottega di Finestra in Prague appeared first on Eating Covent Garden. read more »

Салат из куриного яйца с беконом и греческим йо...

Вы любите на завтрак куриные яйца, но яичница и омлет вам уже надоел? Тогда советую вам приготовить этот салат из куриного яйца с беконом и греческим йогуртом.Быстрый в приготовлении и очень вкусный и сытный салат, который может быть как отличным завтраком, так и частью обеда или ужина.Ингредиенты * 8 яйца сваренные вкрутую; * Нарезанные на квадратики в 1,5-2 сантиметров 3 полоски бекона, приготовленные хрустящими; * Средний красный лук, нарезанный кубиками; * 3/4 стакана греческого йогурта; ... read more »

Вкусный завтрак. Маффин в кружке за 5 минут

Понедельник. Вроде бы и не проспали, но кажется, что все равно опаздываете. Но, работа работой, а позавтракать надо!Почему бы не полакомится вкусным мафином приготовленным в микроволновке всего за 5 минут? Поверьте, это проще простого! И очень быстро!Ингредиенты: * Мука - 4 ст. ложки. * Сахар - 2 ст. ложки. * Молоко - 3 ст. ложки. * Масло сливочное - 2 ст. ложки. * Какао - 2 ст. ложки. * Шоколад измельченный - 2 ст. ложки. * Разрыхлитель - 1/4 чайных ложки. * Яйцо - 1 шт.Как готовить:1.См... read more »

Сырники с творогом и брынзой

Субботнее утро. И самое время порадовать себя и близких вкусным и полезным завтраком.И сырники с творогм и брынзой будут в самый раз!Тем более что приготовить их очень не сложно и не долго.И да, не забудьте с вечера купить и сметанкт для этих утренних сырников.Ингредиенты: * Творог (9% жирность) 350 г * Мягкая брынза, фета или любой другой мягкий рассольный сыр 250 г * Мука 4 ст. л. * Яйцо 1 шт. * Разная зелень (укроп, петрушка, кинза) 1 пучок * Свежемолотый черный перец по вкусу * Ра... read more »

Tasty breakfast ideas with Vita Coco coconut mi...

So today Ive taken up the challenge to come up with a breakfast idea using Vita Coco a coconut milk alternative which is great for those with dairy intolerances and tastes delicious, too. Of course, while I was pondering it... The post Tasty breakfast ideas with Vita Coco coconut milk alternative appeared first on Eating Covent Garden. read more »

Chocolate Chip Pancakes Recipe

Pancakes have been around for hundreds of years. The first time the word pancakes became in print was clear back in 1430. Isn't that neat to learn that we humans still make and eat some of the same foods? Granted we have changed some of the ingredients. Yet, honey is still used to this day to drizzle over the pancake by many people.Pancakes For Lunch And Dinner!My family loves pancakes. It is a go-to meal for many occasions. We don't eat pancakes only for breakfast. No, we eat pancakes as meals for lunch... read more »

Recipe: Deliciously simple cinnamon rolls

Okay, I know were well into January I can feel this year whizzing by already but I felt I had to share a simple recipe for some delicious little treats. I made them first thing in the morning... read more »

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice in August? Well for this girl yes. I am a retail worker, so there is one thing that fuels me that I know fuels some of my coworkers. What would that fuel be?Coffee, of course.I am so addicted read more »

Homemade Breakfast Tacos

Tacos for breakfast is food my family has been eating. Long before Taco Bell started serving breakfast. I make a breakfast taco that taste nothing like a normal taco. Tacos for breakfast can be in many different ways. The ingredients varies depending on what part of the world you are living at. I decided to make Breakfast tacos today with a little twist - Spinach. Yes, I added something healthy to my family's breakfast tacos this morning. Do you like breakfast taco's? If so, how is your favorite b... read more »

Healthy CInnamon Rolls

Definitely not my original cinnamon rolls recipe. Im sure youre looking at this post like, what the hell is this girl talking about? Okay so a little background. I finally had a day off today and I couldnt sleep as read more »

Mother’s Day Crepes

When I was a kid, Papa used to make crepes every Mothers Day. Thats the only time we ever made crepes. Hed make the crepes and fill them up with thawed out frozen fruit and top with some whipped cream. I remember this vivdly and thats when I realized that I loved crepes. I attempted [] read more »

Vegan cupcake. Recipe.

Привет! Как давно я не писала, но это не значит что я забыла про блог :) Уютные семейные вечера скрасят потрясающие кексы, о которых я вам сейчас расскажу. Они делаются очень просто, вкусные и без вредных ингредиентов! Я даже сняла видеорецепт (он в самом конце). Пышные, аппетитные, шоколадные кексы ^^ Формочки из IKEA серия ВИНТЕР 2015. Ингредиенты: Сахар — 1,5 стакана Какао-порошок (несладкий) — 0,5 стакана Мука — 2 стакана Вода — 1,5 стакана Масло растительное (любое без запаха, я беру подсолн... read more »

Homemade Churros With Choco Dipping

It has been raining since this afternoon (and is still raining now). The weather was really cooling and I couldn't ask for more appropriate weather to have these yummylicious lil' churros for tea time. I've make a warm choco sauce for dipping and it is certainly a great way to make your tummy smile. I love the combination of the warm choco sauce against the crunchy churros exterior and soft interior. It is really yummy and super easy to make. Try this for yourself and I am sure you'll love it too! HOM... read more »

Recipe: Best Ever Blueberry Muffins

Want a muffin recipe that will make everyone want to have breakfast at your place? These blueberry muffins are it!  Perfectly soft and fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the streusel-covered top, theyre melt-in-your-mouth amazing. To make them just like jumbo bakery muffins, use 6 extra large muffin tins instead of 9 regular ones. Enjoy!Read more » read more »

Recipe: Chococonut Shake

While you would expect the cravings for ice cream and milkshakes to be greatest in the peak of summer, when its crazy hot, thats not always the case!  I used to work at an ice cream shop and on the really scorching days, we saw just as little business as on the cold, rainy days. When its too hot, something super sweet and rich isnt that appealing! Its those warm, but not hot, late spring or early fall days (like now) when were in the mood for a cold and creamy treat.  Yum! Still, we all want to look o... read more »

Hash Browns, IKEA

Hash Brown is one of breakfast food in IKEA eatery, Kowloon Bay District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Make This: Summer Strawberries, 5 Ways

One of everyones favorite things to enjoy in the summertime is delicious strawberries. The colorful, sweet fruit always brings back memories of heading out of Read the rest The post Make This: Summer Strawberries, 5 Ways appeared first on Style Island. read more »

#SundayFunday! & Weekend Happenings #SundayBlog...

Sundays on my blog are all about wonder and smiles. In honor of mentally kicking back once in a while, Sundays are Fun Days! Each Sunday, visitors will find a fun, interesting, or unusual something here. Im a nerd with Continue reading read more »

Latest Finds: A Purely Elizabeth Granola Review!

Granola is my favorite sweet cereal, hands down.   Despite its healthy reputation, however, some commercial granolas can be unhealthier than even the worst of your childhood sugar cereal favorites!  Granola is very dense and can pack a lot of sugar and fat into a very small portion (who eats a measly quarter cup?) and Ive seen boxes of granola where the ingredients list was longer than a Faulkner sentence and featured more chemicals than an orgo exam. No thanks! Luckily, not all granolas are candy in ... read more »

Recipe: Best Banana Bread

Banana bread recipes are almost as bad as chocolate chip recipes - there are so many of them and theyre all slightly different, but its difficult to sift through the mediocre ones and get to the gold. This is the gold. Youre welcome. Seriously! This bread is soft, moist, flavorful, and easy to make on top of it all!  The walnuts can easily be left out with no other changes if you have someone with an allergy, but they really do work nicely with the flavors and textures in the bread. If youre on the ... read more »

Bacon Hasselback Potatoes

While I was clearing up my fridge today, I found 2 medium-sized potatoes isolating themselves at the corner of my vegetable compartment. I thought I must cook them up before they grow sprout. And since I am going to make spaghetti bolognese for dinner, baking these would make good side dishes. Rummaging for other ingredients to go with them, I found some mozarella cheese and bacon chips. "Perfect! I'll just make Bacon Hasselback Potatoes".Hasselback potatoes are Swedish version of baked potatoes. The nam... read more »

Truckie’s Breakfast

bethere2day - The brand new blonde waitress, not wanting to appear stupid,went to the kitchen and said to the cook Truckies Breakfast read more »

Soft Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

It is so fun to make these pretzels! And so easy to make too! I thought it would be hard to work on the dough but it is really easy. After letting it rest, the dough is really soft and easy to work with. I'd only have difficulties shaping the pretzels. But practice makes perfect. After a few first pretzels, I've begun to familiarized with the shaping and have so much fun making it. These pretzels are really soft and yummylicious. The key to these yummy pretzels are good butter. Without the fragrant fro... read more »

南加州美食:King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant - Tor...

麵包這種食物對於美國人的飲食習慣來說,不論是早餐、午餐、早午餐、晚餐、點心、宵夜,肚子餓了就抓上一塊麵包來吃,或是用兩片土司塗上果醬或生菜火腿做成三明治,就像是白米飯對於亞洲人一樣的重要,因此對於麵包的口味也特別的講究。在市面上麵包品牌種類繁多的選擇中,來自這間成立於1950年、由夏威夷當地引進美國本土的 麵包烘培 品牌,其麵包吃來帶有濃厚卻不膩口的奶油香氣,口感更是格外的細緻鬆軟,往往是各家超市中最先販售完畢的麵包,更在1988年於 Torrance 開設了第一間提供其招牌麵包與 夏威夷風味料理 的餐廳,營業時間從早餐時段到晚餐,也是廣受當地人喜愛的 早午餐 Brunch 去處。 來自自家烘培坊新鮮出爐的各種麵包和糕點,不在只是陳列在超市內櫥櫃上冷冰冰的麵包,彷彿多了一份溫暖的熱度,看起來也更加的可口。 排隊等位時就可以看到一大顆鳳梨佇立在用餐區入口之處,用餐環境裡也加入了植物的綠意,雖然整體的規劃仍屬於那種印象中的美式餐廳,但多少還是有一些屬於夏威夷風格、來自熱帶地區的特色。 設置在圓形餐桌中楊的大型魚缸,圓柱體的外觀讓坐在這裡吃飯的顧客都能趕受到一股清涼的氣息。 跟其它在加州當地開設許久的... read more »

The Secret of the Traveling Peanut Butter

Its hardly a secret anymore. Peanut butter is great and so is powdered peanut butter. I like to keep both in my kitchen! Here are some of the benefits of powdered peanut butter (the first particularly applies in the summer or anytime a peanut butter lover travels to a place with an uncertain peanut butter supply, like Germany): * TSA-friendly for your carry-on, since its not a liquid or a crea * High in plantbased protein * High in fiber * Lower in fat * Can be used to replace part of the flour in baki... read more »

Recipe Roundup: My Picnic To-Try List!

I love trying new recipes and I love cooking for people. Being in a different city this month means that I have a fresh group of guinea pigs taste testers to try recipes on... I have so many recipe ideas for recipes to create, as well as a pinterest backlog of other food bloggers recipes to try! Here are some awesome picnic-friendly recipes from the blogosphere that I cant wait to try making this month! Read more » read more »

NYC Summer Giveaway - $100 Gift Card to Peapod....

Whos ready for summer? I am! And that bird. With the beautiful weather weve been having a lately, its already prime picnic and rooftop party time in NYC. To celebrate that, and (more to the point) the recent expansion of Peapods delivery area to include grocery delivery to all five boroughs of NYC, were giving away a $100 gift card to! Read more » read more »

Healthy Hacks in Germany

Humans are an incredible species. We can survive - and thrive! - on a wider diversity of diets than pretty much any other species! While some cuisines, like the Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines, are known for being healthy, any world cuisine can be healthy. Today, lets take a look at how a cuisine known for heavy meats and less-than-fresh foods can actually be very healthy when done right. Here are healthy hacks for Germany! Read more » read more »

Old Friend HK Dim Sum @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Old Friend HK Dim Sum was one of our favourite neighbourhood Dim Sum restaurant. The restaurant is located opposite Puteri Mart which is really convenient for us to have our breakfast after our groceries shopping. With approx. 10 tables, it was usually fullhouse. Since it has been quite some times we have not been to this restaurant, we decided to satisfy our craving for dim sum yesterday. We went there with our friends around 9am. Surprisingly, there were only a few tables occupied. "Hmm..It's Saturday ... read more »

南加州美食:Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop - Gardena, CA

自從 Adam Richman 不主持 Man v Food 這個熱門有趣的美食節目後,他的身形也快速的苗條起來(讓人有些羨慕),雖然不能再看到他挑戰各種千奇百怪的特色食物,像是那種時限內要吃完超大份量的食物、或是採用鬼椒製成的極辣食物有些可惜,可是他近期的美食節目 Man Finds Food 倒也不難看,節目的主題是由他來介紹一些具有 神秘小店 氛圍,或是不固定對外營業、平常人難以吃到,或是在菜單上尋訪不著只有熟客才能品嚐的隱藏美食。其中一集的節目就是說他來到一間位於保齡球館裡的餐廳,品嚐 Hawaiian Cuisine 夏威夷風味 的特色美食,查理馬上就聯想到這間位於 Gardena 的保齡球館內的餐廳,雖然沒有太神秘的包裝和氛圍,但是其料理卻是獲得當地人大力推薦的。 寬闊明亮的保齡球道、撞球、大型電玩等等,各式設施提供當地居民一個休閒遊憩的去處。 當然,在進行各類活動之後,要如何解決飢餓的肚皮,保齡球館裡頭附屬的餐廳就是相當方便的選擇。 以夏威夷和美式料理為主的餐點風味可不馬虎,到了用餐時間坐滿了用餐的顧客,好在翻桌的速度還算快,並不會等太久。 以傳統美式和道地夏威夷風味餐點組合成的菜... read more »

Recipe: Spiced Mango Jam

Breakfast foods are, hands-down, my favorite kinds of foods. Breakfast for dinner is de rigueur for me and I love it! With summer just around the bend, and the hot, sunny days in NYC making it feel like summer is already here, heres a spiced mango jam recipe that summery and fun!  Im going on a Eurotrip this July (whoot) and even though Im not going to Finland, I decided to make this snack/breakfast Finland-inspired.Read more » read more »

Work-Week Convenience with a Discount!

Who else cant believe that its already the second week of May? Summer is just around the bend! While the approach of summer can mean anything from travel, to more time outdoors, to just soaking up the sun on your way to work, the time before summer often can get a little hectic. With so many people going on vacations during the summer months, a lot of work is front-loaded and that makes May a little crazy! Luckily, a crazy busy schedule doesnt mean that you cant enjoy balanced, nutritious meals that ta... read more »

The most beautiful roads in Austria

A drive through Austria will not be pleasant only because many roads but also landscapes of incredible beauty. The most beautiful roads in Austria may be subject to a four-wheel holidays with stops at scenic locations. The most beautiful roads in Austria: Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse No wonder this alpine route of 48 kilometers is called Heaven Cyclists [] read more »

Wrap mashed hard boiled egg with cabbage

Good morning everyone, how's your Saturday morning. I am heading out soon, before I do that I am going to share you a simple easy meal for everyone to eat.This is wrap mashed hard boiled egg with cabbage. I used two hard boiled eggs and shred cabbage, with Mission Wraps you can see in the picture above. I added some pepper and mayonnaise in mashed hard boil eggs with shred cabbage. I used microwave the wrap 20 to 30 seconds.You can try this simple meal at home, if you like to add in tomato or cucumber it... read more »

Oats Upma

Oats Upma is a quick and healthy, savory breakfast dish made with oats, vegetables and nuts. Oats is not a part of our traditional Indian food but is being widely accepted due to its health benefits and over time has become an integral part of our diet. It is considered as a healthy food which is rich in fiber and nutrients which help in lowering cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart diseases as well as helps lower blood pressure and is good for regulating blood sugar levels, basically a food grain w... read more »

Breakfast dulu yuukk

Menu hari ini 9m8d : nasi + kangkung + wortel + ceker ayam diblender kasar Lahaaap banget tuh.. Tp ada insiden kecil pas tinggal dikit muntah gara2 ada tulang ceker yg ikut masuk ke mulut. Owalah nak.. Maafin mama ya.. Tadi kurang teliti ngambil tulangnya. Habiiisss nyiapin breakfast sambil nggendong adek sih.. Nanti insyaallah mama lebih jeli ngambil tulangnya.. Muach peluk cium buat adek :-* read more »

Hihi tingkah adek saat sarapan

Sarapan adek hari ini 9m6d : bubur nasi + bayam + wortel + kentang + ceker ayam Alhamdulillah lahap banget mamnya sampe abis. Disuapin sambil mainan di dapur. Lhakok ga taunya udah duduk diatas baki. Sambil joget2. Hihi ada aja tingkahmu dek.. Gpp deh yg penting mamnya abis biar cepet sembuh batuk pileknya. Biar tambah ndut. Luv u dek :-* read more »

Recipe - The "Best Pancakes Ever"

These pancakes are, according to both of it taste testers (a middle aged woman and a rambunctious ten year old), the best pancakes ever. Theyre really easy to make, use only basic ingredients that can be found in most kitchen pantries, and are absolutely fluffy and perfect! Read more » read more »

My (Food Processor) To-Do List!

I got a food processor for Christmas from my parents! Its red, mini, and adorable. Dawwwwwww. Now that Im thoroughly versed in the art of food processing nuts into plain nut butters and frozen bananas into creamilicious nice cream, its time to branch out with some more involved recipes! Aka things that can actually be called recipes. Heres my food processor to-do list! Read more » read more »

Review: Greenlite Vegan Meal Delivery Service!

I recently got to try a new-to-me vegan frozen meal delivery service called Greenlite Meals! The meals arrive in an insulated box inside a cardboard shipping box, with cooler packets inside and the meals all packaged in space-conserving freeze-wrap packages. As you can see, the sides and the entrees are packaged separately. Im actually quite a fan of that style of packaging, because you can mix and match the sides and entrees to create the meals that youre in the mood for! Read more » read more »

Sweet Crepes with Spiced Pears

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not make it the most delicious meal of the day too? I know a lot of people are intimidate by crepes but they are so simple to make. I admit to having a bit of a sweet tooth (ok a huge sweet tooth) so [] The post Sweet Crepes with Spiced Pears appeared first on The Cul de Sac Gourmet. read more »

Breakfast at Home

While taking my breakfast I would sit on my favorite spot, in front of the television and watch news. Yesterday, I paired dark hot chocolate with two pieces of pancakes. Day off , Monday and Tuesday. I have been busy working at home, laundry, cleaning, cooking breakfast, etc. Right, day off are days when I cook breakfast. During working days, my shift ends almost at lunch time. read more »

Recipe: No-Fail New York Bagels

Ive lived in NYC for almost a year now (and over a year collectively, if you add all the random months of temporary residence over previous years together) so Ive decided that the proper way to honor the fact that Im somewhat a New Yorker now is with a New York bagels recipe! These have the bagel crust, the bagel chewiness, and the bagel flavor - theyre all around the real deal! Whether you bake them in New York with NY water or in North Carolina (or wherever else you are) theyll turn out great. The NY ... read more »

Review: Chinoa Bites

I love breakfast - its my favorite meal of the day! So much so that I even eat breakfast for lunch and/or dinner often.  But sometimes, no matter how much you love breakfast, its tough to get up early enough for a leisurely sit-down breakfast.  Chinoa Bites have all the goodness of a healthy granola in convenient on-the-go bites that are easy to eat at your desk at work, in class, on the train, or wherever you are.  With this breakfast, you get that extra bit of sleep and you get to start your day on ... read more »

Overnight oats: Sleep your way to a pimped up b...

A week ago, as I was commuting, I had the displeasure of watching a woman (with upsettingly dry hands) spoon her way through a pickle jar of overnight oats. It was a very inappropriate place time to be eating oats with a metal spoon in a glass jar (clink clink clink) but I couldnt Continue reading read more »

Five fruit brunch muffins- dairy and sugar free

Start your day with these delicious dairy and sugar free muffins. Packed full of oats and containing five fruits, it's a great way to kick start your morning. January blues are best beaten away with healthy eating. These scrummy muffins are dairy and sugar free, plus are packed full of fruit. My dairy free baking habit was kick started after my son was born. He had a milk protein allergy, so I had to kiss dairy good bye in order to keep breastfeeding him. In the run up to my daughter's birth I'm experi... read more »

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