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Больше чем чувство

Вспомнились старички Boston с их нетленкой. А между тем, Бостон считался главным городом американских интеллектуалов, так что это вам не это) read more »

Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of ...

Most people who visited Venice say they want to return. Irresistible attraction can be resolved relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays: the time of booking a flight to Italy, spending prioritized and wrapped luggage. It would be better to avoid holiday period July-August for a trip to Venice, and February, when the famous carnival takes place locally. And expensive are the busiest times of the year. Tourists complain about the unbearable smell of water in summer. May-June and September-October are reaso... read more »


Jamás pude decirle que, al conocerla, la primera vista que tuve al estar ante ella fue una equívoca. Tuve la impresión de estar frente a una de esas “pitucas" a la que, en esa misma ocasión, temí, y más a descubrirla como una observadora acuciosa, lista para lanzar una sentencia sobre quienes se encontraran a su alrededor. Este temor, el cual intentaba fuera para ella algo imperceptible, crecía en cada una de las ocasiones en las que, de un modo completamente involuntario, la sorprendía volteándose hacia... read more »

A man wants to swim the Atlantic Ocean

A former policeman from Britain wants to become the first person to swim the Atlantic . In December, he will seek from Senegal to Brazil, going swimming away huge: over 3,700 kilometers. Man Rows 5,000 Miles Across Atlantic Ocean To Raise ... ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., (CBS) – A man's 5,000 mile journey across the Atlantic [] read more »

Secret language of pilots and flight attendants

Pilots and flight attendants in the UK use a coded language to indicate various objects or actions on the plane. Although normal words, they have no meaning when you hear them used by the crew of the plane. The Things You Should Never Say To A Flight Attendant ... Our flight attendant says he's been asked [] read more »

Adventure Hitchbot robot smiling and hitchhikin...

Adventure hitchBOT robot hitchhiker who tried to see if he could trust the people, ended Philadeplhia sad, eastern US, on a street where he was found dismembered and beheaded by vandals, according to AFP and CNN. HitchBOT Finds Its Way Into Our Cars and Our Hearts HitchBOT Finds Its Way Into Our Cars and Our [] read more »

Boston Common Carousel

Boston Common Carousel SceneTwo hours on the meter - go! I like the new lightweight easel and palette, but I still dragged the large tote on wheels. Too cumbersome but good for a wind weight anyway. I stooddownwind fromthe Charles Street T station in the Boston Common where I had partial sun. There was a walking path entering from the right of the scene and it led directly to the small carousel. Beacon Street buildings including the old brick faced buildingsand the State House formed the backdrop, and to... read more »

Tired of cycling, an artist from Boston found a...

Kevin Cyr, an artist from Boston, invented a novel means of transport: a tricycle-trailer. Although it is small compared to a normal caravan, it can accommodate a person. A Boston artist invented a novel means of transport, dedicated especially those who like to travel. Kevin Cyr made ​​a tricycle-trailer, write . Although it is small, cabin can accommodate one person. So, after a full day of riding, the owner can rest in peace, without even worrying about accommodation. Inside the mini-car... read more »

Summer 2008 – #photo101

I took this photo several years ago while we were in Boston for the day. I love this shot of the Fanuell Hall Market Place. That was the day we went to the Boston Aquarium via train and subway. Id never been on a subway train before this trip. The weather was beautiful. A little Continue reading Summer 2008 #photo101 read more »

Skating on the Frog Pond Boston Common

Skating on the Frog Pond Boston Common - Stage OneBoston is a lively metropolis, even when the temperatures are frigid. During the Christmas break we enjoyed an overnight stay downtown.Among the many fun things we did wasattending an exciting Bruinswin,munching on 50 cent oysters on Broad Street, and walking to the Boston Guild of Artists on Newbury Street.  Skating on the Frog Pond Boston Common - Stage TwoAs we walked through the Boston Common we took lots of pictures. The frozen Frog Pond was l... read more »


Friends, Now all of the Global Warming people fear a great SnowMaggedon on the North Eastern seaboard. Well. I have family on Long Island. So, I am concerned. And I am praying. 70 mph winds. 3 feet of snow. Storm Continue reading read more »

Back from Boston!

Hello there, pursuers! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Personally, I cant believe its already Monday and my weekend started on Thursday! My boyfriend and I flew to Boston on Thursday morning for a long weekend to celebrate the wedding of one of my closest college friends. I hadnt seen her in two [] The post Back from Boston! appeared first on In Pursuit of Simple. read more »

Crow Point

Crow Point Paint Out Stage OneEarly on a Sunday morning, I drove Route 3Ato the Hingham Yacht Club which is located on Crow Point. This unique peninsulalocation is isolated from the"through" traffic and congestion of the South Shore and yet Crow Point has the feel ofa quaint old fashioned neighborhood. I could see why the properties in thisamazing location are so desirable. This section of Hinghamis only ten linear miles (i.e.. as the crow flies) from downtown Boston. The drive by car is probably twice t... read more »

Sugarbowl from Ferry

 Sugarbowl Stage OneGrowingup in South Boston we always referred to the halfway point of the "over water" causeway between Marine Park and Castle Island as the "Sugar Bowl."The namecomes fromthislandmark's round shape whichused to belined with a benches and atall framework thatresembled an old-fashioned sugar bowl, at least that's the notion I've always had. The causeway and the Sugar Bowl were built up with boulders in the middle of the water, Boston Harbor on one side and the Pleasure Bay Lagoon on... read more »

The Brook Farm Experiment

Hi! Ive been invited to write a guest post for my friend Steve for his fascinating WordPress site, and since Intentional Communities around the world is an interest of mine, I thought Id share some information on a particularly fascinating one .. that of Brook Farm, near Boston, Massachusetts, in the U.S.A.    Thanks again to [] read more »

5 Roommate Archetypes

Hopefully you aren't stuck with any of these five (bad) roommate archetypes, but for humor's sake (and your edification, if you're getting a roommate for the first time - I'm looking at you, rising college freshmen!) here are some funnily awful types of roommates.Funny if they're not yours, that is.1) The slob.Their dishes remain in the sink for days, until they become potentially important contributions to science. Regardless of whether or not you just cleaned, every time that they cook the kitchen loo... read more »

Castle Island Just Before Sunset

This scene was paintedfrom a photograph that I tookwhile aboardthe Hingham-to-Boston Ferry. The ferry passesby several Boston Harbor Islandsand although this is Castle "Island", that is a misnomer today because it has beenconnected by land for a couple of centuries. The fortress shown is Fort Independencewhich is located at the entrance to the Boston InnerHarbor.Alarge fishing pier can be seen in the foreground as well as a toweringobelisk honoringshipbuilder Donald McKay and the fast and beautiful clipp... read more »

How to Choose a Roommate: What Matters & What D...

It's easy to take finding a roommate lightly, especially when you're looking at a fast market like the NYC housing market.When everything is out-the-wahoo expensive and finding a semi-reasonably placed room in a less than 10 bedroom apartment (most young professionals don't want to go straight back into dorm style living), anything sounds better than homelessness.Which it is.But do you really want to pay 2k a month (ouch, NYC rent) to room with a bunch of slobs that you can't stand? Most leases are at le... read more »

My Style: Mata Hari

Photographer: Adam Avid Photography MUA: Lory Sun Designer: Brooke Johnson of TAB Custom Design Model: Danai Kadzere I hope you guys enjoyed this Mata Hari-inspired fashion shoot!Which historical character's style do you like best?What style of non-western fashion is your favorite? read more »

The Emotional Stages of Graduation

Congratulations to all 2014 grads! The 2014 World Cup might be pretty darn exciting, but it has nothing on the fact that ****WE'RE DONE******!1) DisbeliefLike wait, what? Wasn't freshman initiation yesterday? Don't I have some paper that I have to turn in or some exam that I need to take or some something that I have to do? It can't just be over, just like that, can it?2) Sheer BlissIt'strueit'strueit'strue NO. MORE. STUDYING.Semester notes, meet recycling bin.YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Th... read more »

Top Ten Tips for a Successful Move

Since I'm graduating (can I say that enough times? I'mgraduatingI'mgraduatingI'mgraduating) I'm moving cities - to NEW YORK CITY! Still, a move is a move. Here are my tips, hopefully I can take some of my own advice next week.Don't count on it.1) Give yourself enough time.I'm guilty of breaking this cardinal rule, but I blame it on Manhattan rent - I'm moving into my new apartment on Sunday, June 1 in the evening and beginning work on Monday, June 2 in the morning.Nobody talk to me. I'm going to be grouc... read more »

Warm, Windy, Weather Whipping Weeping Willows

The weather forecastedahigh temperature ofseventy degrees for the, a treat after the horrible winter. In the studio Ilined up some piles of pinks on my palette (for a change) and I set out to find Spring. Iwas thinking that by this time, early April, that the Boston Public Garden would have its usual showy display of floweringbulbs. I found a metered parking spot, parted with ten quarters, and timed my return -two hours. I saw right away that there were no bulbs blooming yet. The most vivid co... read more »

My Style: Casual Sundays

Here are some casual weekend looks from a shoot I did for Team Scumwith photographer Monica Justesen - the sort of outfits that I wore a lot throughout college (I'M GOING TO BE A GRAD SOON, GUYS - Hold. The. Phone.). There will always be room for comfortable, casual looks like these in my wardrobe, but I am going to make a concentrated effort to step it up again with style in June since I'll be (a) living in NYC, style capital of the world, and (b) a real grown up with a real job.And very real NYC rent... read more »

America rejects Arabs even at memorials

America rejects Arabs even at memorials By Ray Hanania Saudi Gazette Newspaper, Sunday April 20,2 014 Like all Americans this week, I paused to commemorate the tragic violence that took place at the end of the Boston Marathon last year on... Read More read more »

Dupla fará show extra em Boston

Os sertanejos Zezé di Camargo Luciano desembarcaram nos Estados Unidos, onde realizariam dois shows. Mas, devido a grande procura por ingressos para a apresentação na cidade de Boston, a organização do evento decidiu estender a visita da dupla na cidade e agendou um show extra para os irmãos goianos.Quem não conseguiu adquirir o ingresso pode correr que ainda dá tempo de conferir a apresentação dos brasileiros.O primeiro show acontece no dia 14 de março, em Newark. Em seguida, a dupla fará dois shows em... read more »

Political Pop: Boston Bomber May Face Death Pen...

Dzhohkar Tsarnaev, the infamous 20-year-old who was one of two Boston Bombers last April during the Boston Marathon, may be facing the death penalty as a result of his actions. Tsarnaev-along with his deceased brother Tamerlan- built and planted two pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the marathon in retaliation to the U.S(...) read more »

Gusttavo Lima, com musica nova na rede - Confir...

Adicionar legendaAtenção fãs de Gusttavo Lima, pois tem música nova na rede. O cantor acaba de lançar a canção Tô Solto na Night, que fará parte de seu novo album que será lançado em breve.O cantor e compositor revelou recentemente que está gravando dois EPs com seis faixas cada, e que a produção é assinada por Zezé Di Camargo. Será o primeiro trabalho do artista gravado em studio e com um repertório inédito. Para completer ele ainda prepara um álbum todo em espanhol.Atualmente Gusttavo Lima está nos Est... read more »

Snake Handler

Snake HandlerI painted this from a photo taken last summer on the Boston Common. This man was displaying a large mottled snake to a small gathering of people. I don't remember what he was saying about the snake, but I remember being amazed by his deft handling of the creature. (It may be a Southern Copperhead, per a snake identifier site online, if it matters to any readers). I also found it interesting how the man's dark complexion seem to have many reflective colors, especially blue. read more »

New Music: Sean Tizzle – Komole

Sean Tizzle has never relented his efforts in making good music since he came into the lime light. He has dropped one hit after the other, he has another new track titled Komole. Download and listen. Download KOMOLE read more »

Runners. Still. Run.

It's true what they say about runners, that they keep on running. It's true. Despite injury, illness, stormy weather, natural disasters and yes, even incomprehensible, unforgivable tragedy.Runners. Still. Run. If we're not worrying about it, we're thinking about it. Thinking... and wondering what it must be like for every single person there, injured or not, present at the time or not, participant or not.The buzz surrounding any race is astounding, generating an infectious enthusiasm that permeates the ... read more »

Mainstream Media and Protecting Law Enforcers

It's a sad state of affairs again, now that we have seen another major event in the USA where someone has caused trouble in Boston, and the news is putting speed ahead of clarity or accuracy and this time, safety too. As the Police in Boston and surrounding areas were conducting their duties of trying to round up and apprehend the suspects, the news media was aggregating social media images from the public and posting them online. This put the officers in potential danger.Things got so bad, the news medi... read more »

Twitter During Big Events

As you're well aware by now, yesterday there was a series of explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I first heard of the news through Twitter. I got most of my information through twitter after I realised that the news media was just looping the same three seconds of video and knew nothing.The thing that stood out most was twitter rapidly morphed from the "micro-blog" service that it usually is, into a full on emergency communication network. We were getting information from the Red Cross,... read more »

Investigative Speaker

After digging out of nearly 2 feet of snow on Friday, today was our NHRWA monthly meeting, and they had a treat for us. Our speaker was Hank Phillippi Ryan, she is an investigative reporter for the NBC News station out of Boston, an Emmy award winner several times over along with Edward R Morrow [...] read more »

Hot Mess

I have to say, Boston has not been nearly as amazing as last year. I am 100% convinced that I should NEVER live here. I love this city. It really is amazing but there have been some signs that are just too much to ignore when it comes to living here. It is kind of like the universe is throwing huge gigantic signs in my face letting me know this is not where I am meant to be.It makes my decision about going to Michigan for grad school just that much better. Way better in fact.What are some of these signs ... read more »

Batty Boston

There are many things in life that I think I handle quite well and with a certain amount of grace, though I may complain about it at the time. Some of these things include working 12 hour days and 80 hour weeks though I would much prefer not to and am trying to wean myself off from doing this (as if it is really my decision). Falling down/up stairs... obviously this is not very graceful but it's something you mustget used to if you're as clumsy as me.Sticking to running at least 3 miles a day 5-6 times a... read more »


It has been awhile. But, as I said in my last post I am no longer apologizing for this. However, I can shed some light on to why I have been a little MIA and why I will hopefully be writing to you more soon.A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks... and I sure do mean a lot. First, and most important, things first. I graduated from college. What an amazing feeling it was. Not the actual graduation. The actual graduation was a waste of 3ish hours of my life where I stood in the hot sun for an hour,... read more »

Who Needs A Flight Crew?

One week ago I travelled to Boston. It was actually a very smooth trip... well, mostly. It started out with me heading to El Paso at 4pm on Saturday. My flight was scheduled to leave at 6:30 pm but it is about a 45 minute drive to El Paso and then security and all. After only having to have my hairpatted down, I made it to Phoenix where I had a 4.5 hour layover. Yes, I did say having my hair inspected. Turns out, I have big hair. So big in fact that people readily think I could be hiding razors or drugs... read more »

Blowing Through Town

Hello friends. I know I have been sooooo slow with the blogging lately. It is because my mind has been otherwise occupied. And by occupied I mean my brain is slowing eroding away into nothingness with no sleep and anxiety out of the wazoo.But, I have several good stuff to share with you I just have been wanting to wait for the right time to tell you. I suppose now could be the right time to tell you. I really am just looking to put off studying for statistics for another several minutes so I figure this ... read more »

On joining the club initial reaction was to pretend to be happy for him while snickering to myself that his new girlfriend is by no means going to solve all of his mental issues and that in a few months or a few years he'll be right back where he was where I found him: drinking whiskey like a fish in st. nick's pub while looking for a woman to court and spark. read more »

On other people’s dreams

And interestingly enough I just started a two-week coffee-and-alcohol fast the day before yesterday. I don't even know what I'm really trying to accomplish by that. Lose weight/inches? Clear up my complexion? Deny myself something I like so I can pretend I'm doing something beneficial for myself? read more »

On why I got home late

I lauded my friend for how smoothly he had handled the situation. He's not usually good with unexpected things, but he was very classy in this one and I told him so. He looked me squarely in the eyes and said "We need to get another drink." read more »

On milestones

My friend from Boston and I have been friends forever. We've been friends since the Rock of Ages was a pebble. We've been friends since before sliced bread was the next "best thing." We met round about the same time dirt was invented. read more »

On lawyers, mental patients, and other miscella...

In that moment I reached out to the switchboard which was sizzling and crackling with overloaded wires and disconnected mine. My movements became smooth and graceful and regulated like a ballet dancer performing her signature piece. Ladies and gentlemen, I was out of there. read more »

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