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Summer Reading Buzz: Most Wanted Review & Giveaway

Lisa Scottolines latest suspense, Most Wanted is about what happens when life confronts us with difficult decisions, and how those decisions change us. Christine and Read the rest The post Summer Reading Buzz: Most Wanted Review Giveaway appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Burning Heat by David Burnsworth - #review #giv...

As darkness blankets the holy city of Charleston, South Carolina, Brack Pelton, an Afghanistan War veteran, steps out of a rundown bar after a long night. Before he gets to his truck, he finds himself in the middle of a domestic dispute between a man and a woman on the sidewalk. When a little girl joins the couple and gets hit by the man, Brack intervenes and takes him down. But the abuser isn’t finished. He pulls a gun and shoots the woman. Brack saves the little girl, but his world has just been rocked... read more »

A Bead in the Hand by Janice Peacock - #review ...

A bead bazaar turns bizarre when jewelry designer and glass beadmaker Jax O’Connell discovers a dead body beneath her sales table. Suspected of murder, Jax and her friend Tessa scramble to find the killer among the fanatic shoppers and eccentric vendors. They have their hands full dealing with a scumbag show promoter, hipsters in love, and a security guard who wants to do more than protect Jax from harm. Adding to the chaos, Jax’s quirky neighbor Val arrives unexpectedly with trouble in tow. Can Jax unta... read more »

King Harald Canine Cozies by Richard Audry - #r...

When springtime arrives in picturesque New Bergen, so do the tourists and antiquers. This year, though, there are some unwelcome visitors. Extortion. Arson. And murder.After his business tanks and his wife leaves him for a Pilates coach, Andy Skyberg flees the big city for the peace and quiet of his hometown. All he wants is a decent job, a steady girlfriend, a plasma screen TV with a hundred-plus channels, and one loyal dog. But fate has something else in store for Andy, when his big mutt King Harald st... read more »

Empty Nest by Marty Wingate - #Review #Giveaway

In Empty Nest, Julia Lanchester’s life is interrupted by a murder most foul—and a killer who’s watching her like a hawk. Manager of a tourist center in a quaint British village, Julia Lanchester finds herself with more ideas than time. Her boss is the Earl Fotheringill himself, but apart from him, she doesn’t mix well with the aristocracy. Unfortunately, toxic mold forces her from her cottage and into one of the earl’s countless spare rooms at the Hall. She tries to get a handle on her overload of work,... read more »

Love in the Time of Murder by D.E. Haggerty- #r...

InLove in the Time of Murder, the "Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives" face their toughest case yet. Delilah, or Dee as she wishes everyone would just call her already, is the granddaughter of one of the knitting detectives and her life is in a bit of a shambles. She finally manages to pry herself away from her husband’s clutches, move out on her own, and start her own business. But then her estranged husband is murdered and she’s the number one suspect. The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives aren’t about to l... read more »

Cupcake Club Sweet Victory {Plus Giveaway}

Sweet Victory (The Cupcake Club) By New York Times Bestselling Author Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk October 6, 2015; TP ISBN 9781492620822 Volume Number: 8 Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky Praise for the Cupcake Club Series “9-year-old author has recipe for success.” – The Washington Post, KidsPost Kids and cupcakes are the perfect recipe!—Sophie and [] The post Cupcake Club Sweet Victory {Plus Giveaway} appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

How to Outfox Your Friends When You Don’t Have ...

How To Outfox Your Friends When You Don’t Have a Clue TP ISBN 9781492617945 Book Info: Title: How to Outfox Your Friends When You Don’t Have a Clue Author: Jess Keating Release Date; October 6, 2015 Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky Praise for How to Outfox Your Friends When You Don’t Have a Clue: “With her trademark [] The post How to Outfox Your Friends When You Dont Have a Clue {Plus Giveaway} appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

Go Home Flash by Ruth Paul {Plus Giveaway}

Praise for the Works of Ruth Paul “Children will love chanting the refrain…Flash will appeal not just to canine lovers but also to all children who love an underdog.” –School Library Journal on Bad Dog Flash “A humorous story about a lovable, troublemaking puppy…Paul’s delightful expressive pencil-and-watercolor illustrations keep the pace moving forward.”- Kirkus Reviews [] The post Go Home Flash by Ruth Paul {Plus Giveaway} appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

A Halloween Scare at My House {Plus Giveaway}

Heres a cute book giveaway that is perfect for fall. Win5 titles of your choice from A Halloween Scare at My Houseseries. Thisgiveaway ends 10/31/15 and entries are accepted with the Rafflecopter form below. A Halloween Scare at My House Series By Eric James Illustrated by Marina Le Ray Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky Description: The perfect [] The post A Halloween Scare at My House {Plus Giveaway} appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

Dream On, Amber Book Release {Plus Giveaway}

Dream On, Amber By Emma Shevah October 6, 2015; Hardcover ISBN 9781492622505 Publishers: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky About the Book: My name is Ambra Alessandra Leola Kimiko Miyamoto. But call me Amber. I have no idea why my parents gave me all those hideous names but they must have wanted to ruin my life, and you know [] The post Dream On, Amber Book Release {Plus Giveaway} appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

Back to School Book Giveaway Courtesy of Source...

Back to School Round-Up The Very Best Teacher! By Ye Shil Kim Illustrated by Miku Moriuchi Sourcebooks Jabberwocky June 30, 2015 Book Info: Ten little mice search for the perfect gift to give their teacher! Tomorrow is Ms. Tulips birthday and a celebration is in order! But how will her ten students decide on [] The post Back to School Book Giveaway Courtesy of SourceBooks appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

Giving Away New Editon – Friends of Choice

Friends of Choice has a new cover, rewritten, re-edited, and re-released. Now is the time for these books to find a home. I have 5 paperbacks that are signed and ready to ship. All you need to do click on the link below to enter a chance to win. Entry-Form Beginning Date: 6/23/2015 8:00 Continue reading Giving Away New Editon Friends ofChoice read more »

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mothers Day is right around the corner. The Harlequin Heartwarming authors are celebrating with a special giveaway. Enter here to win the grand prize or Harlequin Heartwarming books. Filed under: Tara Randel Tagged: Book giveaway, Harlequin Heartwarming read more »

Sourcebooks Book Giveaway

Join Sourcebooks in celebrating the little ones in your life with a book giveaway! The following titles are the perfect way to celebrate a child’s individuality and they are also great for pre-school and kindergarten graduation gifts. The giveaway books include: Just One You from the Sesame Workshop April 1, 2015; 9781402297359; $10.99; Hardcover Sourcebooks [] The post Sourcebooks Book Giveaway appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

The Adventures of Pajama Girl and the Coronatio...

The Adventures of Pajama Girl and the Coronation of the Cupcake Queen Review/Giveaway In this adorable childrens storybook, a little girl and her sister have a great adventure when Pajama Girl puts on different pajamas each night and whatever she is wearing will appear in her dreams for Pajama Girl and her Sis [] read more »

Full of Laughs, Love and Affection – HOME Movie...

HOME Movie NOW in Theaters 3/27!! Trailer for HOME movie rated PG. Starts in theaters TODAY! (3/27) How do you show affection to those you love and care for?  Do you have the kind of relationships with friends and family where you like to visit them in person no matter how far you have to [] read more »

Book Review/Kindle Giveaway: Between the Cracks...

Join Angela Lanza as she experiences the tumultuous world of early 20th century Sicily and New York. Orphaned by the earthquake and powerful eruption of Mt. Etna in 1908, Angela is raised in the strict confines of an Italian convent. Through various twists of fate, she is married to a young Italian man whom she barely knows, then together with her spouse, immigrates to the U.S. This novel is an invitation to accompany the young Angela as she confronts the ephemeral nature of life on this planet and navig... read more »

Book Review/Kindle Giveaway: Climax by Christin...

BOOK DETAILS Title: Climax by Christina George, Book 3 in The Publicist series Category: Adult fiction Genre: Contemporary romance Publisher: CreateSpace Published: Dec 15, 2014 (bundle edition) Available in: Print and e-book (mobi for Kindle) Tour dates: Jan 12 to Feb 6, 2015 Content Rating: PG-13 Mature ABOUT THE BOOK Kate Mitchell has never forgiven herself for breaking Nick Lavigne’s heart. Now he’s back and he’s moved on, and it’s affecting Kate’s life more than she’s willing to admit. ... read more »

Book Review/Author Interview/Giveaway: The Schw...

BOOK DETAILS Title: The Schwarzschild Radius by Gustavo Florentin Category: Adult fiction, 292 pages Genre: Suspense / thriller Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press Published: September 23, 2014 Available in: Print and e-book (mobi for Kindle) Content Rating: R (There are no explicit sex scenes and some graphic violence. There is significant violence that is referenced ( as in past police cases) and violence that is related by characters, second-hand. ) Heads Up Y'all: If, after reading informatio... read more »

Book Review: Murder in the Arboretum by Christa...

SYNOPSIS Another murder in small town Cold Creek has tensions rising. Clive Johnson, the groundskeeper at Cold Creek College, is a convenient scapegoat for a police chief who seeks an easy solution. Convinced Chief Pfeiffe has it all wrong, professor and psychologist Sheridan Hendley sets out to help prove Clive’s innocence. But not everyone is pleased by her enthusiastic search for the truth. Just as her life is looking up personally, it looks like she might be the next victim. GoodReads* Amazon ~~... read more »

Site Updates for December 2014

Site Updates for December 2014 Reviews Solomons Freedom Hades Speaks The Fifth Vertex Enter Eternity Southern Bastards: Here Was a Man Promotions Fifteen Cover Reveal Hourglass Heights Book Blitz and Giveaway Enter Eternity Giveaway Stories Your Pound of Flesh The post Site Updates for December 2014 appeared first on Darkness Beckons. read more »


Im skipping the advice for the lovelorn for the remainder of the yearsince this is my final post for the year. Today Id like to give you a gift that will take very little effort to receive. Its a book, of course. I happen to have several dozen giveaway copies of Hallowed Halls, the first [] read more »

GIVEAWAY – WIN A SIGNED Paperback copy of – ENT...

ENTER ETERNITY by Honey Boudreaux Published by Writers Amuse Me on 29 May 2014 Genres: Fantasy Pages: 278 ISBN: 9781927975084 Format: Paperback Goodreads A rogue wave, a struggling swimmer -- Jillian goes to help. It could be the last thing she does... in this realm. As doctors struggle to save her, she takes her own journey, choosing to open that door and walk through to another time. She sees herself as Hotohke'e,a Native American, getting married, raising her family, then dying from disease that was u... read more »

Expecting Grace in “The Hardest Peace” by Kara ...

Hello my friends. Join me in facing and discussing something that touches ALL lives at some point in life. Cancer. Lets face it boldly, courageously and filled with love for each other with whatever days God gives us to live for Him. If you or someone you love has ever been touched by the impact [] read more »

Review/Interview/Giveaway: Suede to Rest by Dia...

SYNOPSIS When Poly Monroe was little, she loved playing in her family’s textile store. But after a fatal family tragedy, Land of A Thousand Fabrics was boarded up and Poly never expected to see the inside again. Now, as inheritor of the long-shuttered shop, she’s ready to restore the family business. However her two new kittens, Pins and Needles, aren’t the ones causing a snag in her plans… Not everyone wants Poly back in San Ladrón, especially a powerful local developer pressuring her to sell—and le... read more »

Overrated by author Eugene Cho – Develop True P...

*Special Thanks to Family Christian for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review plus a copy to giveaway to my readers! Todays society is in love with the idea of heroes. I love the concept too! Yet, all too often we miss our own personal opportunities to be heroes to the people [] read more »

BOOK BLAST/GIVEAWAY - The Wedding Part II by Sh...

~~~oOo~~~ SYNOPSIS Tia Simmons can’t wait to be Mrs. Charles Robinson. She has everything planned, from the venue to the caterer, making everything completely perfect. Or, so she thought. When she hires Camille to be her wedding coordinator, paranoia comes into play when she thinks her best friend is trying to sabotage her wedding. Along with the issues she’s having with Camille, she also has to deal with her new extended family, making her wonder if she’s going nuts. But when unexpected news shatters... read more »

BOOK REVIEW: Well Read, Then Dead by Terrie Far...

SYNOPSIS First in a new series!Nestled in the barrier islands of Florida’s Gulf Coast, Fort Myers Beach is home to Mary “Sassy” Cabot and Bridget Mayfield—owners of the bookstore café, Read ‘Em and Eat. But when they’re not dishing about books or serving up scones, Sassy and Bridgy are keeping tabs on hard-boiled murder.Read ‘Em and Eat is known for its delicious breakfast and lunch treats, along with quite a colorful clientele. If it’s not Rowena Gustavson loudly debating the merits of the current book... read more »

BOOK GIVEAWAY: Purr-fect Mating by Sheryl Winters

Roane Publishing is giving away THREE ARCs ofPurr-fect Mating! Purr-fect MatingA Lil Genie Series NovellaGenre:Paranormal / Romance BySheryl WintersRelease Date:July 21, 2014Keywords:Paranormal, Romance, Shifters Description: Fhina and Wulfar have a little problem.On their wedding night, at the stroke of midnight, Wulfar changes into his shifted wolf form and cannot shift back. Not even to communicate with the woman he loves. Fhina, upon waking the day after their mating, no longer recognizes her mate. ... read more »


GIVEAWAY! (I have been authorized to give away one copy, e-book or print, to one lucky reader. Please leave a comment or question for Christina in the comment section. Winner will be drawn by random # on May 2 (next Friday)). INTERVIEW1. Why did you write The Publicist?I wrote it because I felt that there were some great stories in publishing that weren’t being told. We hear about how publishing is broken (and it is) and how people aren’t reading, how eBooks are taking over the world. We hear of huge ... read more »

BOOK TOUR: Lustful Sins by Sonovia Alexander

~~~oOo~~~ When Keya man is locked down from proving his love for her and doing the unthinkable, she turns to the streets and fall for a man she thinks is her prince charming. Giving her the attention that she needs and showering her with the best, Keya falls head over heels for her guy. The flip side to the one she thinks she loves turns her world upside down when she finds out who he really is. It is not safe for her or anyone else she holds dear to her. ~~~oOo~~~ 1.)Who are some of your inspirat... read more »

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Big Money by Jack Getze

Big Money by Jack GetzeMy rating: 4 of 5 stars(Disclaimer: I received a paperback copy of "Big Money" from Great Escapes Book Tours and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.)I didn't want to like "Big Money".Naked women. The main character's penchant for breasts. Not the kind of things I normally seek out when choosing a book.But the fact is, I enjoyed "Big Money" immensely. It brought to mind film noir, Humphrey Bogart - and basically good guys that get caught up in the consequences of their b... read more »

Goodreads Book Giveaway -- Enter Now!

Goodreads Book Giveaway Inner Pilgrimage by Raji Lukkoor Giveaway ends November 16, 2012. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win read more »

Introducing: Dreams That Won’t Let Go

Can family ties bind deep-seated wounds? Indigo Burns is excited. Her wedding preparations to the man of her dreams are under way, her photography career is a success, and her family seems to be doing better than ever---all except her brother Reuben, who nobody has seen in years. read more »

Introducing: Destined

Brother battles brother for ultimate control of their father’s multimillion-dollar ministry in the captivating second novel from #1 Essence bestselling author Patricia Haley’s provocative new series inspired by the biblical kings David and Solomon read more »

Introducing: An Inconvenient Friend

Samaria Jacobs is a deceitful, yet captivating diva who will do anything to win the heart of her married lover. Will she get her man or destroy herself and everyone else in the process? read more »

Review/Giveway: Red Ink – Blog Tour Day #6

Title: Red Ink (Extreme Devotion Series: China #3) Author: Kathi Macias Publisher: New Hope Publishers Genre: Christian Fiction Reviewed by: D.S. White They took here child, her family and her freedombut not her faith About the Book: A young Chinese woman, Zhen-Li—raised to observe the party line, including its one-child-per-family doctrine—falls in love with and [...] read more »

Red Ink Review/Giveway – Blog Tour Day #6

Title: Red Ink (Extreme Devotion Series: China #3) Author: Kathi Macias Publisher: New Hope Publishers Genre: Christian Fiction Reviewed by: D.S. White They took here child, her family and her freedombut not her faith About the Book: A young Chinese woman, Zhen-Li—raised to observe the party line, including its one-child-per-family doctrine—falls in love with and [...] read more »

Fall Giveaway Fun Has Begun!

You made it!  Welcome! The Welcoming the Fall Giveaway hosted by Good Choice Reading is now underway. It is a week long event running from September 22 29.  This is my first time hosting a giveaway as part of a Blog Hop (Also the first time Ive wrestled a google docs spreadsheet into submission, so [...] read more »

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