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What I got for my Birthday

Hello Beauties, I have recently done a what I got for my birthday video for you tube and thought if you was not subscribed to my you tube channel you would like to see what I got. I got really spoilt this year considering my birthday is only 6 weeks after Christmas I didn't expect to get as much as I did . I'm so appreciative to everyone that bought me something . The first thing that I got was something that I had put on my Birthday Wish list . I had heard such amazing things about the Emma Hardie M... read more »

4 Free Kindle Books

Today, you can get four of the following Kindle books free. Grab them all while you can. After today, you will have to buy them. Click on each photo of the book you want to go straight to Amazon to download. or use the buy button feature that is available under the books cover. When Ren Miller mother dies, she searches for her estranged father. She discovers he owns a boxing studio and a mystery fighter named Ash! Rebel biker, a lady at a gentlemen's club, and a rouge wolf on the loose, what move sus... read more »


作者:焱公子,微信公众号:滇中志异,个人微信号:flamyice,禁止转载。 龙藤村以前不叫这名,但也并没有人关心它曾经叫什么名字。这村子位置偏远,交通不便,本来是个最普通不过的贫困山村,然而因为一种奇特的植物,却得以从此脱胎换骨。 那是一种藤蔓植物,因形似龙爪,故而称作龙爪藤,相传二十余年前村中有一毛脚郎中上山采药,意外发现这龙爪藤具有极高的药用价值,不仅能活血化瘀,更能延缓衰老,延年益寿。村里人得知后,纷纷放下手中的农活上山砍伐。因那藤蔓必须依附其他树木生长,村民求财心切,又担心下手晚了被别人抢去,因此便索性连树一起砍。不出三年,村子周边那两座山竟都秃了大半边,看着就跟一个正常人突然被剪成了半边秃子一样可笑。 村民们因为龙爪藤而迅速脱贫致富,家家盖起了独栋小楼,宽敞的院落里至少都停着两辆车,一辆家用,一辆拉货,村口也修起了一条宽阔的柏油路,直通向城里。村子一时名声大噪,村名也顺理成章改为了龙藤村,村里的小伙子也成为了周边村镇年轻姑娘首选的婚嫁对象。 虽然数年前龙爪藤早已被村民砍伐殆尽,龙藤村这名字倒一直沿用至今。这里要说的故事,便是从某一个燥热的午后开始。 那天青年李二狗正在家里... read more »


选了一篇罗辑思维听了下,罗胖怪不得这么火不是没有道理的,他的知识量顺应了现在这个大家急于需求知识的时代,随着互联网时代的到来,看到这么多自己不懂的领域知识的出现,造就的就是大家的恐慌,害怕自己被这个时代所淘汰,终而成就了罗胖——罗辑思维——得到。   今天的标题怎样成为一个高手,其实就是4个字:刻意学习。 先说学习,要把所有的学习内容分为一小块一小块的针对性重复练习。 再者,一定要进入非舒适区学习,并且要有及时的反馈。 最后就是时代的发展越来越快,新工具都是为了你更好的学习更快的进入新的领域。   总的来说就是这4点,再看看自己,其实一直在努力地学习,可是自顾自的学习最缺的而且最重要的就是要有及时的反馈,要有人指导你帮你纠正,不然盲目的自己走下去可能只会越走越偏。可能这就是我现在的状态,没有反馈,更多的自己学,也是一种害怕的心态。   既然这样就从目前的情况给自己做一个分析: 有学习态度,态度层面已经不像以前那样也不像一些人那样摆脱了浪费时间,也认识到学习是终身事业。 学习的方式:有一定的问题,没有切割成各小块。我的专业:理财规划,那么要做好理财的规划 分... read more »

Fast Food Maniac Review

I have never been much of a fan of two many fast food joints. Unless they are the mom and pops shops. Or well known burger joints like Five Guys. Reading Fast Food Maniac has caught my interest in learning more about how restaurant have come about and their history. I love learning how certain foods have came to pass. Being a foodie myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book with its humor. I have never really heard a Howard Stern show. Only seen him in the news. I would in a heartbeat read another b... read more »

Livros | Os cinco mais vendidos na Amazon do Br...

A partir de hoje estarei trazendo para vocês uma listinha com os cinco livros mais vendidos na Livraria Amazon do Brasil afinal é sempre estar atualizado com Best Sellers e a Amazon fornece a lista e a atualiza constantemente de acordo com as vendas. Eu estarei de olho e vou repassando aqui para que vocês sigam a listagem. Para quem gosta de apreciar boa leitura vale a pena conhecer quem está no topo e aqui meu compromisso não é só comigo, mas com você meu amigo, minha amiga leitora. Óbvio que deixo aqui... read more »

Third-person Action RPG *Anima: Gate of Memorie...

The folks at Badland Games just emailed me their press release for their upcoming title: Anima: Gate of Memories which is based on a series of books. It is being developed by a small team and heavily involving the author of the novels. This looks to be a really fun, story-rich RPG with multiple endings, Continue reading Third-person Action RPG *Anima: Gate of Memories* due June 3 on Steam (Windows/Linux), PS4 Xbox One, North American PS4 launch to take place June 7 read more »

Clean – Book Review

Clean by Amy Reed Summary by Amy Reed: Olivia, Kelly, Christopher, Jason, and Eva have one thing in common: Theyre addicts. Addicts who have hit rock bottom and been stuck together in rehab to face their problems, face sobriety, and face themselves. None of them wants to be there. None of them wants to confront [] read more »

How to visit 50 countries with only $ 8 per day

They bought an old van with $ 600, painted it and then managed to visit more than 50 countries on five continents. Its about a group of bloggers from Poland, passionate travelers who do not have much money, but want to see the world. Modi to publish a book on “50 places to visit before you die” My Jul 10, 2015 India should look at his achievements and be inspired as an ordinary tea boy is now almost halfway done with his dream to visit 50 countries. Polish bloggers told Bored Panda website that one read more »

The Conspiracy of Us – Book Review

The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall Summary by Maggie Hall: Seventeen-year-old Avery Wests newfound family can shut down Prada when they want to shop in peace, and can just as easily start a war. They are part of a secret society know as the Circle of Twelve, and they believe Avery is the key [] read more »

Chess and Riddle book, Mei Ho House

Exhibits of children's chess and riddle book between 1950s and 1970s are at exhibition area of Mei Ho House, Sham Shui Po District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

“You meet the master in a side street” Can thro...

“You meet the master in a side street. The mind meets with clear insight. A short dialog before embarking on the main road.” ~I Ching I still “throw” the I Ching from time to time. For those who don’t know about that ancient practice, the I Ching, or “Book of Changes,” is an oracle dating [] read more »

“The Wind Guardian” by Frank Scozzari

"The Wind Guardian" by Frank Scozzari is a A gripping new thriller by the author of "From Afar," released 1 November 2015 read more »

“Scripture Versus Science” by Robert D. Harter

Religion Science Don’t Have to Be Adversarial with "Scripture Versus Science: Reconciling God’s Ancient Wisdom with a Modern World View" by Robert D. Harter read more »

Lessons from Write Nonfiction In November – Day...

My first lesson from Write Nonfiction in November is to do the writing before doing bookkeeping work for my notary business and before visiting the so-depressing hospital. It is hard to write when you are tired and the creativity is Continue reading read more »

“Legionary: Gods & Emperors” by Gordon Doherty

"Legionary: Gods Emperors" by Gordon Doherty is Volume 5 of the Legionary series. read more »

“Side-Kicked” by Jeff Kline

Darby Pop Publishing's "Side-Kicked" by Jeff Kline Graphic Novel Available At Book Stores Starting In November 2015 read more »

“Ziggy’s Secrets” by Rosemary Augustine

Ziggy Keeps Your Passwords Secret in "Ziggy's Secrets" by Rosemary Augustine read more »

“The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter” by Randa Handler

"The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter" by Randa Handler Thanks Vets and Includes Pilgrim Cornbread Recipe! read more »

The True Meaning of Life––and it’s up to you

Years ago one of my martial arts students, Paul and I were discussing the age old question: “What, exactly, is the meaning of life?” He had an interesting response that I’d forgotten about until today. He said: “The meaning of life is to pick something to do––and do it well.” That simple idea sums up [] read more »

Write Non-Fiction In November (WNFIN) – Day 1

As announced previously on my business blog (Notary Memphis) and on Facebook, I have registered for the Write Non-Fiction In November challenge, also known as WNFIN. This is the non-fiction counterpart to the National Novel Writing Month challenge held in Continue reading read more »

“The Great Liquor War” by D. M. McGowan

Ex-Gold Miner Caught in Power Struggle in the Exciting Western "The Great Liquor War" by D. M. McGowan read more »

“Hope” by Taryn Feldmann

Contemporary Romance is Interrupted When Cancer Strikes in "Hope" by Taryn Feldmann read more »

“Start The F Up” by Rajive Dhavan

"Start The F Up" by Rajive Dhavan For Present and Future Leaders of Startups, Small and Medium-Sized Companies read more »

Silly Sunday – Being Assertive

bethere2day - "Silly Sunday is hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. Silly Sunday Being Assertive read more »

“Delta” by Tolar Miles

Southern Novelist, Tolar Miles, is pleased to announce the release of her second novel "Delta." read more »

The truth about trophies

This may surprise you, but I really don’t have a problem with participation awards, especially for kids. It does no harm to recognize a kid for “just showing up.” However––that participation trophy shouldn’t be 3 feet high and it shouldn’t be the same as the champion’s. If you want to cultivate a certain behavior, reward [] read more »

“Man of Discovery: A Time For Redemption” by Mi...

Dramatic Novel Mimics Political Realities of Today in "Man of Discovery: A Time For Redemption" by Michael Hooper read more »

“It’s Your Word Against Mine” by Sylvester Carr...

"It's Your Word Against Mine" by Sylvester Carrington Offers a Teacher’s Take on Pop Culture and More. read more »

“The Domino King” by St. Clair Sonny

Romantic Thriller Centers on Winning the Game … of Love in "The Domino King" by St. Clair Sonny read more »

“From The Sky” by J. E. Nicassio

Author J.E. Nicassio is pleased to announce the release of her young adult sci-fi romance novel, "From The Sky." read more »

“Family Affairs” by Steven M. Moore

"Family Affairs" is a New Action-Packed Adventure by Steven M. Moore. read more »

“Every Thing Counts: The Women’s Center” by Ani...

"Every Thing Counts: The Women's Center" by Anitra Pivnick provide Lessons to Be Learned From an Early AIDS Women’s Center. read more »

“Seeking the Truth” by Chris Lancaster

"Seeking the Truth" by Chris Lancaster Takes Readers on a Spiritual Journey read more »

“Divine Significance of Church Slavonic Letters...

"Divine Significance of Church Slavonic Letters (Russian ed.)" by Larisa Dmitrieva Micallef, Ph.D. read more »

“Verse-A-Tell-It” by Adrian Ray Evans

"Verse-A-Tell-It" by Adrian Ray Evans Expresses His Life in Poetry and Accompanying Art. read more »

“How to Murder a Boyband” by Jason Roche

"How to Murder a Boyband" by Jason Roche is a subtle sense of humour, and a keen observation of modern city life and culture. read more »

“Cauliflower Heart: A Romantic Wrestler” by Dia...

Former WWF performer Diana Hart, the wife of the late British Bulldog and sister to Bret Hart, released her debut novel "Cauliflower Heart: A Romantic Wrestler" read more »

“Rebel Blood” by T. J. Walker

Political Thriller Depends on Heroes From the Past for Salvation in "Rebel Blood" by T. J. Walker read more »

“Into The Darkness” by J. E. Plemons

Author, J. E. Plemons announces the release of the second book in his Last Light Falling YA Dystopian/Apocalyptic Thriller Series, Into the Darkness. read more »

“sad boy / detective” by sam sax

"sad boy / detective" by sam sax is a collection of short stories and poems. read more »

“The Color Of Life” by Claudette Carrida Jeffrey

Author Claudette Carrida Jeffrey And Carrick Publishing Release New Coming Of Age Women’s Fiction "The Color Of Life." read more »

“Key to the Sacred Pattern: The Untold Story of...

Grave Distractions Publications announces the release of "Key to the Sacred Pattern: The Untold Story of Rennes-le-Château 2nd Edition" by Henry Lincoln read more »

“Into The Mist” by Judith Ingram

Author Judith Ingram Releases Third Book In Her Moonseed Paranormal Romance Series: "Into The Mist." read more »

“Lady of the Imperial City” by Laura Kitchell

Author Laura Kitchell is pleased to announce the release of her historical romance set in Japan, "Lady of the Imperial City." read more »

“Immortal Kiss” by Laura Daleo

Author Laura Daleo is pleased to announce the promotion of her book, "Immortal Kiss." Published by World Castle Publishing in February 2015. read more »

“An Irruption Of Owls” by Sara Tucker

Author Sara Tucker and Korongo Books are pleased to announce the release of their new family saga memoir, "An Irruption Of Owls." read more »

How to be successful––guaranteed

Today I have the honor of talking to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs at Southern Maine Community College. This is part of an amazing program in business studies lead by my dear friend and mentor Michelle Neujahr. She makes it a point to expose these students to real people doing real business. The subject of [] read more »

“Falling On The Bright Side” by Michael Gray

Author Michael Gray Promotes His Novel "Falling On The Bright Side" About Disability And Human Depth read more »

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