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The most beautiful places in Belgium

The most beautiful places in Belgium. Walloon Region, part of the federal state of Belgium, is the abode of some of the most picturesque villages in the world, which wait for treasures to be discovered by travel enthusiasts. The most beautiful places in Belgium. Aubechies Aubechies is a charming, rural area that are specific for red [] read more »

A Tale of Two Cultures

So heres the Question What if you grew up in a country were your chances of getting a good education was next to impossible? What would you do if the city you lived in was considered one of the worst in the world? Youre poor! Youre opportunities are limited! What would you do? Give up! [] read more »

Una de… Y tú, ¿dónde vas de compras? #BAD13

Esta va dedicada a lo que hay detrás de las tiendas que frecuentamos la mayoría, al menos de vez en cuando ¿O no? Me apetece ir de compras. Tengo suficiente ropa y zapatos como para aguantar una temporada bastante grande vistiendo ropa relativamente distinta sin comprarme nada más. Pero es que no lo puedo evitar, [] read more »

Mass Hysteria, Ghost Attack, or Both? 3,500 wor...

"The Bangladeshi garment industry is still recovering from the April collapse of a garment factory which killed 1,129 workers. In addition, there have been several recent cases of factory fires and water contamination for the workers to deal with."- Manufacturers' Monthly, June 20th, 2013 AFPWednesday, June 19, 2013 Emirates 24/7Agitating workers refused to join duty after management did not take any steps to drive out ghost(s)Owners of a Bangladesh garment factory were forced to offer prayers and dis... read more »

Ethical Shopping in Canada

I like to consider myself an ethical shopper. In my house, a number of brands are banned. For instance, Nike, who as well as having been caught using child labour in the past, likes to sponsor what they consider "Role Models" such as Tiger Woods, who after everything he did was arrogantly used in this recent commercial. Another brand that's banned is Victoria's Secret, due to the child labour cotton picking in Burkina Faso. Disney is just wrong on so many levels. The "Princess" indoctrinations jus... read more »

La ropa sucia no se lava en casa

Un incendio en la fábrica textil Tazreen Fashion, situada a unos 30km de la capital de Bangladesh, Daca, mató la noche del pasadosábadoa 113 trabajadores y dejó heridos a unos 100. Este lunes un nuevo incendio estalló en las instalaciones de RMG ubicadas en un edificio de 12 plantas en el área de Dakkin Khan, al noroeste del aeropuerto de Daca, con un saldo de 10 heridos. ¿Fatal casualidad, hechos aislados? No tanto, ya que en 2.010 dos incendios en dos fábricas bengalíes de ropa fueron también la caus... read more »


Hari ini Malaysia telah menandatangai Memorandum Persefahaman dalam pengalaman tenaga kerja dengan Bangladesh dan sekaligus membatalkan pembekuan tenaga kerja dari negara berkenaan yang telah berkuatkuasa dalam tahun 2007. Memorandum ini ditandatangani oleh Menteri Sumber Manusia Malaysia dan Menteri Kebajikan Expatriat Dan Pekerjaan Asing Bangladesh di Putrajaya. Pada masa yang sama sekumpulan seramai 100 orang tenaga kerja tanpa izin (PATI) warganegara Bangladesh berkumpul di Suruhanjaya Tinggi Bangla... read more »


Dua minggu lepas satu video yang menunjukkan pekerja tanpa izin (PATI) warganegara Bangladesh dipukul oleh Agen 6P mereka iaitu syarikat SNT Universal Corporationtelah didedahkan dan laporan polis telah dibuat. VideonyaHasil dariMajlis Anti PerdaganganManusia Selangor(Mapmas) mendedahkan bukan sahaja agen itu memukul PATI yang berdaftar dengan mereka tetapi juga terlibat dalam penipuan pekerja dan juga pihak berkuasa. Penipuan dibuat dengan mendaftarkan syarikat yang tidak beroperasi dan ianya ditubuhk... read more »

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