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WW On A Tuesday – Back Up

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Back Up WW On A Tuesday Back Up read more »

Cupboard door opener, winter weather, bracing a...

9 months 3 weeks 6 days oldTonight my wonderful puppy dog opened the cupboard door like I have been training him to! He just suddenly did it.... backed up the whole way with his cute blue shower scrub in his mouth until it tensioned and opened up the cupboard door. I forgot about clicking and kind of screamed 'yes!!' lol.... almost frightened him a bit I think. But then I stuffed a whole bunch of treats into his mouth, what us clicker trainers call a jackpot. The dog gets it when they get something espec... read more »

Great training to open cupboard before a rough day

9 months 2 weeks 4 days oldKnightley and I had two really great training sessions today this morning. I'd kind of forgotten how much he loves learning new things, and how much he enjoys closing cupboard doors with his nose! We did some work on shaping the new down (cue is flat), and some hand targeting, sits, stays, eye contact and then moved onto closing cupboards, drawers and doors. His tails just starts wagging so happily when he closes cupboards, I think he'd probably do it all day practically! I thi... read more »

The benefits of raw feeding and a 1 minute down...

6 months 2 weeks 4 days oldSo after working on a 1 minute down stay for months today we got there! I really think I can credit the Manners Minder with helping to break the 1 minute mark. Whilst a minute isn't very impressive for an adult dog (my previous dog had to do a 5 minute down stay in his training exam - surrounded with dogs on either side), for a 6 month old puppy I am VERY happy with it!! Puppies just don't have the powers of concentration an adult has, which is why task training for assistance ... read more »

Working hard on Loose Leash, Relax, Backing up ...

5 months 3 weeks oldSo, I want to finish Level 2. Back in Sue Ailsby's original Levels, there were 7 Levels... but now in her new revised Levels, there are only 4. So passing Level 2 in the original Levels wouldn't have been much of a milestone, but passing Level 2 in the new ones.... well it isn't bad at all for a nearly 6 month old pup.We worked on his problem areas today. Loose leash remains an issue. He is pretty good inside. If he feels pressure on his collar he will move towards it without much of ... read more »

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mo...

‘Well you can tell by the way I use my walk’, stayin’ neutral is not an option with a Greek girl. This morning I was woken up by a diplomatic and boring camouflaged fight. The flat downstairs has been having work done and it’s been really noisy lately, but today, perhaps more than usual. The [...] read more »

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