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Howdy folks!♥This poem I really enjoyed bringing together. As far as I'm concerned, I believe the only true Magic is Love. I enjoy being on and using a computer. Hence, advocating for Love using some tech terminology gives this poem a unique flavour without a doubt.♥"Magicware"(image pending)Magic is here, Magic is there,Magic exists everywhere,In every life, in every part,In every breath, in every heart.But before you can be really receiving,You must first be truly believing.For Magic to work, you must ... read more »

The Perfect Gift

Anyone would be happy to receive a gift. May it be small or big, the most important is that the person who gave the gift somehow took time to prepare and find the gift that suits one. In return, the person receiving a gift would weigh in whether accepting the gift is well-deserved or not. Nonetheless, a gift is something of value to show someone's worth. In this blogpost, I will present three concepts associated with gifts. This is to remind us that rather questioning on our worthiness of accepting gift... read more »

Love and Order of Mathematical Operations (PEMDAS)

Do you remember PEMDAS rule? Maybe many have tried to forget this rule as an attempt to dump mathematical concepts in our unconscious mind. No one can blame that since many find mathematics as difficult, complicated and without use, although it is not. Now, since Valentine's Day, I will try to explain love and relationship through the PEMDAS rule. PEMDAS stands for parenthesis, exponent, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. This rule guides on how to simplify equations, or get the answer... read more »

When Fate Decides

Not everyone believes on fate, because many thinks everything is within the control of our will and decisions. Perhaps, the most logical thing one could believe is that we decide for our future, but I believe on both fate and will. I have never thought fate could do so much in my life, but it has many ways. Unexpected turn of events that no one could ever thought have made significant changes in my life, such that when fate decides, what can we do? Fate is seemingly a path independent to our plans and ... read more »

Flip Flops for Life

Wearing flip flops is one of the most comfortable when going out for me. It seems to be very informal but coming from and raised in a tropical country the Philippines, it is very common for people to wear it. Although this article is not about a pair of slippers but how a pair of flip flops can be compared to how an individual lives his or her life. Risk versus Comfort Slippers do not provide full protection of the feet like other footwears, although it is very comfortable to wear whether one is outsid... read more »

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