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Cómo prevenir e intervenir ante el uso de las d...

Los niños y jóvenes están expuestos a la presión de grupo y por ende, al uso de drogas que pueden afectar sus vidas y las de sus familias. Los padres, familiares, maestros y cualquier persona que trabaje con los menores deben estar alertas al comportamiento de los mismos. El doctor Billy B. Santiago, sicólogo clínico read more »

Enfrentando la crisis familiar

Amar es uno de los privilegios de la vida. Se supone que amemos a los demás como nos amamos a nosotros mismos y eso incluye la familia.  Sin embargo, es en ese núcleo de personas donde existen grandes conflictos, que a veces parecen imposibles de resolver.  Hay una familia que no escogemos, es dónde nacimos. read more »

Turn 2 Compacts Into 1

Theres one thing that is just totally awesome about my mom, unlike me, where I buy all these different types of make up to test out new techniques and styles, my mom sticks to the same thing and has for quite some time. Including her powdered foundation and concealer which are both Clinique brand. No Read More read more »

Clean – Book Review

Clean by Amy Reed Summary by Amy Reed: Olivia, Kelly, Christopher, Jason, and Eva have one thing in common: Theyre addicts. Addicts who have hit rock bottom and been stuck together in rehab to face their problems, face sobriety, and face themselves. None of them wants to be there. None of them wants to confront [] read more »


Normal 0 false false false EN-GB ZH-TW AR-SA Hello once again, today I want to write about the word “Normal” and how it relates to our young ones and by young ones, I am talking about our teenagers who have been pressured into doing things that our society deems “Normal” which ideally is considered wrong. On the next part of this serie... read more »

Your six step party season pre-tox plan

December is creeping ever closer, which means party season is nearly upon us. Cue late nights, boozy shenanigans and that seasonal ‘fitness amnesia’ that seems to strike without fail year on year. But not this time; this time, Im here to help you fight the cause of festive fatigue, rather than treating the symptoms after [] read more »


Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 No sonó otro disparo, en aquel lugar solo se escuchaba la tímida brisa meciendo los secos matorrales que había por doquier. Hueter sin pensarlo dos veces, cogió una de las armas que sujetaba uno de los fiambres del suelo. Una metralleta bastante peculiar y al par... read more »

Sustancias psicoactivas y ansiedad

Una sustancia psicoactiva es aquella que introducida en el organismo afecta o altera el estado de ánimo y la conducta. En este artículo voy a tratar únicamente las sustancias psicoactivas legales (cafeína, nicotina y alcohol). CAFEÍNA La cafeína es una Continuar leyendo read more »


Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 MOSARRETA Su nuevo y postizo padre no dijo una palabra respecto a que pasaría con él, una vez Cristine engendrara un hijo. Aunque tampoco hizo falta. La ofer... read more »

Segundas oportunidades

El ser humano es el único animal que es capaz de caer una y otra en la misma piedra. Los seres humanos somos incapaces de encaminarnos en repetidas ocasiones hacia el abismo. Evidentemente, un servidor no iba a ser diferente. ¿Y por qué digo esto? Pues tras haberlo meditado un tiempo pensé que "Diario de una Inquietud", merecía una segunda oportunidad. No podía dejar aquella obra en el ostracismo olvidada para la posteridad de los tiempos. Me sentía mal dejando oculto en una carpeta el esfuerzo de vario... read more »


limeta 50ml belog rumalistovi mente1 kasika secerakisela vodaled (izmrvljeni)Priprema: U casu staviti pola limete iseckanu na kriske,kasiku secera i par listova sveze mente (5-6),pa pritisnuti limetu da se iscedi u casi (limetu ne vaditi iz case). Dodati 50ml ruma (bacardi),izmrvljeni led,zatim dodati kiselu vodu,i na kraju jos malo izmrvljenog leda. Ukrasiti sa svezom mentom.Ovo sastojici su za jednu casu. read more »

DHCF and Drug Testing for Alcohol

(Name Withheld) Hi I came across Your blog and I had a question about the dcfs drug testing - I gave birth to a baby that tested positive for cocaine - now dcfs is involved and is getting me into substance abuse outpatient treatment. One place denied me services because I am not a frequent user. In fact the last time I have used was 8 yrs prior. Can dcfs order that I cannot drink alcohol and also do you think they are testing my urine screenings for it ? Yes I do have a newborn but my bf is also here t... read more »

Diary of the Guinea Pigs: The Final Days

<< Day Twelve So the last day was actually this past Sunday, which ended at noon. The Saturday excessive eating was brutal. Like, disgusting. Mostly dinner was the worst. All-in-all the calorie count was over 3800. This for a body with a RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) of just over 2400 calories. So, the excess alone was just a little less than the amount of calories we eat in a day normally. It still is unclear why they end the study that way. It seems cruel. Not only that, but it caused a 3 pound wight g... read more »

Diary of the Guinea Pigs: Day Twelve

<< Day Six It's the second to last full day of this session of the study, which means, like last weekend, it's 6 hours (three sets of 2 hours) of 15 minute breath captures.The nice thing is that it means a day off from classes, and from work, translating into an extra day to study, and start researching for the six papers due by December 2nd.Tomorrow is going to be a strange day because it's the "overfeed day", word is that the amount of calories given the first three days to stabilize the system is jus... read more »

Oktoberfest is a No Snow Party Mix

It may be called “Oktoberfest,” but this 200 year old celebration always starts before October in Utah since beer and snowy weather just aren’t a party mix. Oktoberfest has inspired imitation around the world of what began as a wedding celebration in Munich, Bavaria, on October 12th, 1810. Our weather in Utah can be very unpredictable, [...] The post Oktoberfest is a No Snow Party Mix appeared first on Retire for the Fun of it. read more »

Mi primer Soju!!!!!!

Buenooo!!!! Han puesto una nueva tienda donde vivo y su nombre es "sushi". Nunca pensé que encontraría nada coreano en esa tienda, pero me equivoque. Aquí esta!!! jujuju Al llegar a casa, hice un "brindis" con toda la familia. hahahaha. A nadie le gusto el sabor. Acostumbrados a beber cosas mas fuertes, pues les pareció flojillo xDPara mi, el sabor parece agua al principio y despues pica un poco (muy poco) hahahha. si sube? todavía no lo se, porque solo tome un chupito xD. Pero esta noche cenando me aca... read more »

Drinking Death's Door

**please note, this is not a paid advertisement** Tonight, "flush with cash" from getting a new cell phone package that will save $30 a month, we decided maybe we ought to stray from our usual weekly bottle of Beefeater (well, we got a bottle of that too anyway...) and start exploring some other fine distiller's of Gin. Thinking "locally", at least in the same geographical realm, as it were, we picked up several new bottles from the shelf and inspected them. Seems the local liquor store has started ex... read more »

Extending Ontario's Smoking Ban

Today in the news there was a story that the provincial meddlers want to extend the Smoking ban to cover more place than it currently does - essentially limiting outdoor smoking to sidewalks.As an ex-smoker, I clearly remember the battle for the bars and restaurants in the early 2000s. The government won the battle, which is why all the good pubs and clubs shut down in our entertainment district. When you look at the entertainment district in Toronto, it's just a severely atrophied version of its former ... read more »

The High-Tech Fashion Gadget

The High-Tech Fashion Gadget is a new article that will be written on a weekly basis here on the blog that will feature the latest in high-tech fashion gadgets. Keeping you informed on what's new from the most helpful to even the most ridiculous gadgets. Each article will feature at least 3 gadgets and it is up to you the reader to decide if it's a hit or miss. High tech gadgets form an integral part of fashion accessories. The gadgets you carry around tell people about your likes, dislikes and ability ... read more »

The Fashion Gadget

The Fashion Gadget is a new article that will be written on a weekly basis here on the blog that will feature the latest in high-tech fashion gadgets. Keeping you informed on what's new from the most helpful to even the most ridiculous gadgets. Each article will feature at least 3 gadgets and it is up to you the reader to decide if it's a hit or miss. High tech gadgets form an integral part of fashion accessories. The gadgets you carry around tell people about your likes, dislikes and ability to integra... read more »

On practicing drunkeness

The more problems I have the less claim any individual one has to my soul, right? It works like a charm until each of those problems comes to the separate conclusion that I am the toxic one and they all back away slowly. And then it occurs to me that I have nowhere to go, that I've drunk way too much alcohol, and that I haven't had a plan in weeks. (Read more...) Your ad could be here, right now. read more »

On the man I keep meeting

Soaked in rum and drained of money, operation get-out-more plods along its task of bringing exposure to new problem-people and reintroduction to old ones. I don't care how asinine there are, as long as there are lots of them... (Read more...) Your ad could be here, right now. read more »

On idleness and alcohol

Well, no, not my whole life. Just this day, and just yesterday, and possibly also tomorrow. Somewhere in my deeper understanding of how shit goes, I'm certain that my life does not add up to the sum total of the last few days I've been suffering through.... (Read more...) Your ad could be here, right now. read more »

Jacked Up Sangria

I think it has come to be known that I like alcohol... but only the tasty kinds. And you know what, I'm not ashamed to say it. Mixed drinks are delicious and fun and as long as you don't drink them in too much excess you're fine. I mean, just go to the gym a little more and it shouldn't have that much affect on you. Don't try and get all drunk and eat an entire bag of chips and your life won't change that much. If you have a huge presentation tomorrow, probably safe to say you should stay in. And if you'... read more »

Music Monday: Portrait of Tracy

The feeling of this pen gliding across this page is like that of soft lips pressing aginst mine. I feel peaceful and simultaneously stirred. Life is a beautiful thing. [...] (Read more...) Your ad could be here, right now. Share and Enjoy * Facebook * Twitter * Delicious * Digg * Google Buzz * StumbleUpon * Add to favorites * Email * RSS read more »

Diario de una Inquietud (CUATRIGESIMA SEPTIMA E...

CUATRIGESIMASEPTIMA ENTRADA Sonlas cuatro y media de la madrugada, a las siete me suelo levantar, pero tengoclaro que ya no podré descansar. El motivo de mi insomnio repentino, la lecturadel libro. No será de extrañar en muchos que cuando una historia les atrapa nopueden escapar de sus páginas hasta darle fin, a mi antes me pasó con otrasnovelas, pero en esta ocasión, no ha sido la elaborada prosa del autor, ni tansiquiera unos capitulos sumamente adictivos, sino el contenido en si de lahistoria, porque... read more »

Diario de una Inquietud (cuatrigésimo sexta ent...

CUATRIGESIMASEXTA ENTRADA Quizásno solo me ha llegado a sorprender hallar un libro en las librerias titulado dela misma manera que yo tenía pensado nombrar a este mi diario personal, Diariode una Inquietud, sino que además resultaba ser un autentico éxito de venta.Miré con curiosidad quienes era el autor, pero curiosamente se escondía bajo unseudonimo, El Vendedor de Humos. Me prometí a mi mismo mirar por internet en cuántollegase a casa quien se escondía bajo tal nombre.Sinembargo otra cuestión más imp... read more »

Diario de una Inquietud (cuatrigésimo quinta en...

CUATRIGESIMAQUINTA ENTRADA Quizása base de mucho indagar en diferentes páginas web, leer revistas especializadasen informática e internet he logrado darme cuenta de una habilidad que no sabíaposeía, y no era otra que mi capacidad para moverme con relativa facilidad enel mundo de los ordenadores. Tampoco estoy diciendo que me haya convertido enun hacker pero puedo decir que se moverme con una mínima soltura por la red deredes, soltura suficiente como para identificar el enclave de la IP de uncorreos ele... read more »

Diario de una Inquietud (cuatrigésima cuarta en...

CUATRIGESIMACUARTA ENTRADAYaJimena tiene dos meses, es tan hermosa como su madre, y es la alegría de lacasa, pese a que algunas noches no me deje dormir de seguido reclamando ser atendida,aunque aún así levantarse por ella es un gusto. Solo ver su carita, todo enesta vida merece la pena. No creo que este diciendo algo diferente a lo quesiente el resto de los padres.Es untiempo tranquilo sin incidencia alguna, ni más sueños, ni apariciones, nipersonajes rocambolescos cruzándose en nuestras vidas, no por e... read more »


Desde hoy comienza a regir la nueva ley de alcoholes normativa que reduce de 0,5 a 0,3 gramos el límite para considerar conducción bajo la influencia del alcohol y se pasa de un 1,0 a 0,8 gr/l para calificar a un sujeto en estado de ebriedad. También endurecen las penas, si un conductor que infrinja [...] read more »

¿Alcohol? No, gracias

Siempre he tenido presente que el consumo moderado del alcohol puede ser de contribución para la salud, pero el consumo excesivo puede ser dañino en gran medida, sin embargo anoche estuve leyendo un artículo que realmente me dejó alarmado, primero empecemos con la parte positiva: El consumo moderado de alcohol nos ayuda en lo siguiente: Prevenir enfermedades Sigue leyendo read more »

Se esfuma la vida

La vida es corta, pero lo puede ser aún más si la llevamos de forma desordenada y vacía.  Ese parece que fue el desenlace de la aclamada cantante Amy Winehouse, quien a sus tiernos 27 años perdió la vida por causas que todavía no han sido confirmadas. Sin embargo, artículos en la prensa internacional hacen [...] read more »

Todos los excesos tienen malas consecuencias

Esta mañana me enteré del fallecimiento de la cantante Amy Winehouse; una cantante bastante talentosa pero que tuvo constantes problemas de drogas y alcohol, hoy nos despertamos con la triste noticia de que una joven de apenas 27 años ha perdido la vida. Nos dimos cuentas del fallecimiento de Amy Winehouse porque era una cantante Sigue leyendo read more »

Six shots, one down

Si vamos a un lugar público y vemos a alguien introduciendo cinco o seis balas en un revolver y empezar a jugar con él, inmediatamente sabemos que algo puede salir mal. El miedo a morir nos hará llamar a la policía, y si esta persona acaba disparando, aunque sea por accidente, y matando a otro veremos con claridad que lo encausen por “homicidio involuntario”, lo metan en la cárcel y recuperemos nuestra tranquilidad. Si por contra, en nuestra casa, o en un bar o en cualquier otro sitio, vemos a alguie... read more »

¿Quién dirige tu vida?

Josué 1:9 Mira que te mando que te esfuerces y seas valiente; no temas ni desmayes, porque Jehová tu Dios estará contigo en dondequiera que vayas. En esta semana veía una entrevista en un programa de televisión a un actor y el productor de una película sobre una pareja homosexual y lo presentaba de la manera [...] read more »

Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

i am not a wine aficionado.. When i was young, my only experience with wine was when, once a year, my parents would toast the New Year at home (they never went anywhere) with Mogan David brand wine (i.e., one of the very inexpensive wines that - along with Boone's Farm and Ripple - American teenagers in my day would procure for a cheap drunk!). i did have enough knowledge of wine to be embarrassed for my parents when we went out to a nice Italian restaurant one time on vacation - they looked at the win... read more »

On the OD

The chipper quality of my voice in this message belied my intent for the call. A nearby Polish woman smiled at me while taking a drag on her cigarette. I smiled back at her, and descended into the subway for the last time in life... read more »

On what a good day looks like

I called and left a message for my sister (Gemini), my friend in Boston (Taurus), and my ex husband (Aquarius) wishing them all "happy birthday." I went around all day telling people "happy birthday" whose birthday it was not. read more »

On thinking about it

I think it has finally occurred to me that Im supposed to be single now except that Im not entirely certain what single means anyhow. Does that mean that any and everyone is fair game, or does it mean that I am fair game? Im starting to think its more the latter than the former. [...] read more »

Poetry Corner Friday: Booze

when my brain is too poisoned by spirits and ungodly substances to bother with those small and quick things chasing rabbits from here to there read more »

On Labor Day and pointless questions

Some people have argued that it's my "cultural responsibility" (they didn't use those exact words... and by "responsibility" I mean "irresponsibility") to go to the Labor Day Parade at least once and celebrate with mah-people-dem, but I can't be bothered. read more »

On how to keep it going

As I understand it, Saturn will be in Libra for a month or so. This is bad timing for me. I don't want a dispelling of illusions. Illusions are the only things that make life worth living. Illusions and alcohol... read more »

On getting things down from the top shelf

...I got up and paced around that little room singing over and over again "It's a happy day and I thank God for the weather..." and then I changed the tune. And then I changed the lyrics. And then I changed them back. And I kept singing. I sang until I got tired, but I couldn't stop, because I knew instinctively that I was keeping the demons away by singing. So I sang. And I paced. And I sang... read more »

On all the bad things

I think I know him a little bit. I've heard not just his voice but also his words. It's difficult for me to believe that one who writes the words he does can be a "jerk" as he called himself when I saw him on Saturday. I cannot see a jerk in his lyrics. I cannot hear a jerk in his voice. read more »

On bad behaviour on a Friday night

For a short moment while he was not on stage, Gregory opted to stand in a protected corner near the ice box, claiming to want to "hide." I asked his permission to stand with him, and then asked his permission to stand closer, and then asked his permission to stand so close that my back and butt were pressing against his flesh. He allowed this. read more »

On sacred ground

I think I didn't want to see him. I think if I knew he was coming I might not have gone. And that would have been a shame because it was a great fucking jam session. Better than last time. Much better. read more »

On joining the club initial reaction was to pretend to be happy for him while snickering to myself that his new girlfriend is by no means going to solve all of his mental issues and that in a few months or a few years he'll be right back where he was where I found him: drinking whiskey like a fish in st. nick's pub while looking for a woman to court and spark. read more »

On black cake

I attempted to leave the house today. I promise that I did. I got all showered and dressed and everything... but after missing two trains I'm starting to think that the universe wants me to stay in my borough today. So now here I am, sipping on a ginger-and-cinnamon brandy alexander and eating some black cake I got from the Jamaican store down the street with money I really had no cause to be spending. Fuck it, my family will be home soon and I choose to enjoy this moment. read more »

On Sugar

While I was singing, a gentleman (most probably more drunk than I) approached the stage and stood inches from my face to call-and-response the lyrics: "How sweet is he, baby? How sweet is he? Talk about your sugar!" So I looked him in his eyes and sang it to him as though he were my ex-husband... as though he were my husband. I got just a little bit dirty. I growled just a little bit. "Like sugar and spice and everything nice, he's sugar to me..." read more »

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