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6 Ways Crafts Can Help With Managing Depression

I hate it when people tell me to do something to take your mind off it when I talk about my down moments. However, as frustrating as it is, those people are right. Unlike those people who offer their closed-minded advice and opinions Becoming so engrossed in a hobby to the point that I can Continue reading "6 Ways Crafts Can Help With Managing Depression" The post 6 Ways Crafts Can Help With Managing Depression appeared first on I Bit The Piranha. read more »

How I’m Learning to Say No

Hello there! Ive been a little busy as I just went back to work teaching and I have more subjects than ever this year. Its great and all but I only have two handsfor now, at least. I wanted to share something with you all, however, because its something that has really changed my life Continue reading How Im Learning to Say No read more »

My Blogging Dilemma

Hi everyone! I have a little bit of a dilemma in terms of my blog and I would really appreciate any advice or opinions you guys can offer. After all, youre all so wise and learned (see how Im buttering you up, eh? *hands you plate of chocolate chip cookies*). I began this blog four Continue reading My Blogging Dilemma read more »

Success Built on a Moral Foundation

All successful people say that success is based on hard work. That if you work really hard and work harder than everyone else you will be successful. I do not necessarily agree with that. There are people who work hard all over the world every day and struggle putting food on the table. What I do believe is that success is built on a foundation that is morally sound. When this foundation is, laid success will look different from what the majority expects. To begin building a moral foundation you must b... read more »

More Paraprosdokians

bethere2day - More Paraprosdokians - Read and giggle More Paraprosdokians read more »


bethere2day - Paraprosdokians - Read and giggle Paraprosdokians read more »

Overcoming the Need for Approval

We all crave the approval of others. How we’re going to be perceived influences all the little decisions we make. When you get dressed in the morning or start a presentation, it feels impossible not to wonder what’s going through people’s minds. There’s nothing wrong with caring—it makes us human. But sometimes, it takes up The post Overcoming the Need for Approval appeared first on Possess Your Success. read more »

Character Key of the Day: Live Life

Learn to live life and enjoy it for what it is. Do not be so consumed with trying to live such as earning money, paying bills and all of that other stuff. Of course we have to do all of the mundane things but you should not get so caught up in the mundane that you forget to live. Even if you are at a job you do not enjoy do the things you do enjoy when not at work and if possible try to find a job that encompasses your passion. Enjoy family and friends because life is nothing without them and without the... read more »

Совет 6. Лексика. Пополняем словарный запас. Ка...

Есть множество способов набора и изучения новых слов. Фильмы/сериалыНачнем с совмещения приятного с полезным - фильмы и сериальчики.Однако тут есть свои особенности. Для начала лучше пересматривать любимые фильмы\сериалы, ведь вы уже не будете отвлекаться на перепетии сюжета и сможете сосредоточиться на языке.Выбор с субтитрами или без зависит от вас, но это ни в коем случае не должны быть русские субтитры, иначе всё закончится банальным чтением с иностранным бормотанием на фоне.Преимущество сериалов над... read more »

Top 7 Productivity Apps I Cannot Live Without

In this technology age many of our jobs have become very flexible and much more efficient, yet somehow we still have too many things to do and too little time to do it. Fortunately, technology has again stepped up to help us manage our ever-demanding schedule. This article discusses the seven must-have productivity apps that The post Top 7 Productivity Apps I Cannot Live Without appeared first on Possess Your Success. read more »

7 Vital Debt-Free Tips

It is a badge of honor to be debt-free nowadays. The sheer amount of diligence, focus, and sacrifice it takes to eliminate every trace of debt in your life is truly mind-boggling. I know very few people that have zero credit card, auto loan, student loan, or mortgage debt, mainly because of the staggering amount The post 7 Vital Debt-Free Tips appeared first on Possess Your Success. read more »

Совет 5. Будьте самостоятельны. Как самому науч...

Совет 5. Будьте самостоятельны. Как самому научиться? Главные ошибки в изучении языков.Мне кажется, мы иногда недооцениваем поговорки. Например, "всему можно научиться". Именно научиться, а не научить. Нужно смириться с тем, что никто не придет, не вскроет вашу черепную коробочку и не положит туда знания и навыки. Конечно, намного проще заявить, "что учитель ничему не научил". Но давайте, будем честны сами с собой. Мы уже определились с мотивацией, с расписанием, деньгами и прочим. Неужели нельзя взять ... read more »

7 Vital Debt Elimination Tips

It is a badge of honor to be debt-free nowadays. The sheer amount of diligence, focus, and sacrifice it takes to eliminate every trace of debt in your life is truly mind-boggling. I know very few people that have zero credit card, auto loan, student loan, or mortgage debt, mainly because of the staggering amount The post 7 Vital Debt Elimination Tips appeared first on Possess Your Success. read more »

Matthew, Help Me: How Do I Become A Prominent W...

I want to be the Samaritan who takes out his good book and tells you, “keep writing for the day will come!” But as a gift-wrapped demon, I will tell you: wake up – you will never be a legend in writing. It is the Continue reading Matthew, Help Me: How Do I Become A ProminentWriter? read more »

Советы изучающим языки. Личный опыт изучения и ...

Мои ученики часто задают мне множество вопросов о том, как же учить, чтобы все-таки пользоваться языком не на уровне интуиции или со словарем, а осознано понимать, что зачем и почему и уверенно общаться.Я запишу серию видео на тему изучения языков. Дополненная версия будет на блоггере и в ЖЖ.Instagram:Блог:ЖЖЯ уверена, что нет людей, которые не могут освоить хотя бы один иностранный яз... read more »

Healthy Beauty: Model Skin Care Secrets

I am really fortunate to have clear skin and people - whether its makeup artists or other models at shoots, friends and family in day to day life, or random acquaintances - often ask me what my skin care secrets are. Part of having skin clear is often genetics, but there are also a lot of go-to tips and tricks that models and others in the beauty industry use to keep our skin healthy and beautiful, despite the stress of heavy makeup at shoots and events. Putting on and taking off a full face of makeu... read more »

Советы по изучению иностранных языков! Личный о...

Мои ученики часто задают мне множество вопросов о том, как же учить, чтобы все-таки пользоваться языком не на уровне интуиции или со словарем, а осознано понимать, что зачем и почему и уверенно общаться.Я запишу серию видео на тему изучения языков. Дополненная версия будет на блоггере и в ЖЖ.Я уверена, что нет людей, которые не могут освоить хотя бы один иностранный язык для общения. С русским все же справились, да?Совет 1. Мотивация. У вас должна мотивация. Она бывает двух видов внутренняя и внешняя. К... read more »

Happy Fall: Covering Your Bases with Aflac

It’s finally starting to feel like fall and just in time – today is the first official day of fall!  Doesnt New York wear it well? While summer is great for all things water sports, fall is when we shift our focus from the coastlines to the mountains. I love, love, love the beach, but I also truly adore the mountains! Hiking is one of my favorite day trips, camping has that nostalgic glow (I was a girl scout for twelve years), apple picking is a blast and you get to go home with a ton of yummy snacks, ... read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Askhole

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Askhole WW On A Tuesday Askhole read more »

Испания. Отдых на Коста Брава. Чем заняться? - ...

Коста Брава (исп. Costa Brava) означает "дикий, скалистый берег". И, действительно, на Косту Браву следует ездить именно за "нетронутой" природой и "дикими" пейзажами. Это побережье изрезано скалами, которые и принесли ему известность. Они же помогли сохранить некоторые участки от толп туристов.Мы решили в этот раз обойти стороной раскрученные Бланес, Ллорет и Тосса де Мар. Так куда же можно направиться на Коста Браве? Наше путешествие, как и думаю большинства туристов, началось в Барселоне. Конечно, мо... read more »

Wallapop. Что это, или где купить дешевые вещи ...

Предыстория. Этим летом было решено сделать красивые фотографии и профессиональные видео о Барселоне (скоро они будут на Ютубе). Никому не хочется смотреть дрожащее видео, но также никому не хотелось тащить огромный штатив. Сравнив цены, мы поняли, что дешевле 30 евро, ничего не найдем. Вроде бы и недорого, но какой смысл платить 30 евро за вещь, которую мы не повезем с собой? И тут нам испанские друзья посоветовали Wallapop. Что же это такое? Wallapop - это бесплатное приложение, в котором можно продав... read more »

The Farmer's Market, Delivered: Eating Local wi...

Ive long been a fan of Peapod for grocery delivery when life gets crazy. The service allows you to order all of your normal groceries at normal grocery store prices and have them delivered straight to your front door, so that a busy schedule doesnt mean you have to turn to fast food and eating out every night! Peapod has recently debuted something incredible - the Peapod Local Farm Box! While Peapod brought the grocery store to you (and still does), the Peapod Local Farm Box brings the farmers market ho... read more »

Испанский по Skype с носителем языка!

¡Hola! Это Манель, и он из Барселоны. Он не просто преподает испанский уже более 9 лет, а делает это интересно и увлекательно.Сейчас ищет учеников для занятий по Skype. Связаться с ним можно вконтактеи наЕсли сразу стесняетесь, пишите вначале мне (Настасье Щавлевой). :) t read more »

Fired Up

Ok, so maybe I am a little crazy at times (who isnt!?!) lol but God has me all fired up lately. For some time I have felt this overwhelming sense of urgency to not only share Jesus with others but encourage people to get to know him on a deeply The post Fired Up appeared first on . read more »

Optimism on a dull, grey day.

Hello lovely ones!!I wanted to take this opportunity to offer my thanks. I have had some very lovely comments and feedback from people about my Instagram, blog and the content. It feels so good to hear that people appreciate my words and that I may have helped them in some small way, inspired or cheered them up. So thank you; and keep the comments and messages coming! Let me know how I can help out :-) Insta link:Personal InstagramIt is exactly the direction I wish to take with this here blog. I would lo... read more »

Где поесть в Барселоне? La Donutería

Пончик - (esp. donut- удивили так удивили:) круглый пирожок с дыркой, жаренный в масле. В представлении большинства людей это нечто из "Dunkin donuts" с килограммовым слоем приторной глазури. И это нечто обязательно должны поедать копы. La Donutería предлагает нам отказаться от этих стереотипов. Адрес:Carrer del Parlament, 20 Часы работы: пнк - вт - закрыто; ср- пт 9:00 - 20-00, сб - вскр 10:00 - 21:00 Средний чек: от 2, 50 за пончик В пончиковой (она же пышечная) меню меняется раз в неделю,а ... read more »

Be Nice! (Thoughts)

I’m in my Sophomore year in College and let me tell you that my Freshman year has given me a lot of lessons to take—and I’ve put them in my head, don’t worry; I just forget the others, sometimes or, unfortunately, often—and the one that quite stand-out is this: Be Nice. Yes, everyone, Be Nice. [] read more »

Где поесть в Барселоне? Can Dendê

Бранч - мой самый любимый прием пищи. С этим расслабленным состоянием счастья выходного дня не сравнится ничто. И наконец-то появилось еще одно место, которое могу с радостью порекомендовать всем. Оно называется "Can Dendê". Адрес:Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada, 44 Часы работы: пнк - пт 8:30 - 17-00, сб. вскр 10:30 - 17:00 Средний чек: 12 евро на одного Что отличает "Can Dendê" от остальных заведений? Продукты отличного качества, внимание к деталям и уютная обстановка. В выходные дни необходимо б... read more »

What Is In My Bag? Girl on the Go Edition!

Some stereotypes are rooted in truth. The widely spread perception that its impossible to go into a Target and only buy one thing is definitely one of those, at least for me! Target always seems to have everything I need, not to mention a whole host of things that I didnt realize I needed it until I saw them posed alluringly on the perfectly organized shelves of my favorite one-stop shop... But lets focus on the things that we actually need today, shall we? I always think whats in my bag posts are a ... read more »

Luxe Lashes: No Extensions Required

My neighbors son has the thickest, most decadent lashes ever. And hes a nine year old boy. A BOY. How is that fair? While the fortunate child is completely indifferent to his lashes, most style-loving girls and women arent. Eyelashes, as the frame for your eyes (which are, in turn, a focal facial feature) are one of the areas where makeup can make the biggest positive difference in your appearance. Me with falsiesFull, dark lashes make your eyes pop! Read more » read more »

Going Where You Have Never Gone Before: Doing N...

You may have heard the definition of insanity which is, "Doing the same thing but expecting different results." So many people get into this rut and feel like there is no way to get out which can be very frustrating. As a result, a person might think they are doing something different but it is actually the same thing. So if that is the case, how does someone do something different to get different results? I am so glad you asked. In order to do something different does not mean coming up with a new idea... read more »

Healthy Hacks in Germany

Humans are an incredible species. We can survive - and thrive! - on a wider diversity of diets than pretty much any other species! While some cuisines, like the Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines, are known for being healthy, any world cuisine can be healthy. Today, lets take a look at how a cuisine known for heavy meats and less-than-fresh foods can actually be very healthy when done right. Here are healthy hacks for Germany! Read more » read more »

Stress-Free Travel Essentials!

Summer is just around the bend and, judging by the weather in NYC lately, it may even be coming a little early this year! Im going to be out of NYC this summer and while Im excited for a change of pace, Im sad that Ill have to leave NYC (temporarily) soon. Im going to be traveling by train (to Boston, for the month of June) and by airplane (to Germany, for the month of July), so here are my travel essentials for any kind of travel - land, air, or even sea! Read more » read more »

Healthy Hacks in NYC

The Big Apple is a must-see on any European travelers US travel list and most American travelers travel lists, too. Ive been lucky enough to live in this amazing city since last June, as well as for various month to three month chunks over the past few years, and the longer I live here, the more I fall in love! This can actually happen in NYC and it does, regularly. How could you not love this city?As a New Yorker (Im not going to lie, thats still fun to say) Ive picked up a lot of tricks about how to... read more »

"If You're Not Rich, Be Attractive"

Lets face it - we all get a lot of advice, solicited and not so much, all the time. And some of that advice? Well, its just straight-up shitty. But heres the thing about shitty advice: sometimes theres a nugget of gold hidden in all that sooty black coal.  I realized a while ago when, at a fashion show after-party, a man gave me this posts title as advice. He was (a) rich, (b) proud of it, and (c) not on my potential friends list. Pair all  of that with the fact that he followed that golden advice up... read more »

National Consumer Protection Week

Ok, I am a little late on this one, but last week was National Consumer Protection Week, sponsored by a network of Federal, state, local, and non-profit organizations. But, the topics discussed, ranging from healthcare to investing, are pertinent for Read more read more »

Making tax filing eaier

The tax filing season is underway and by now you should have received your various forms (1099s, W-2s, etc.) in the mail or online. Ok, not really a great time of the year, especially if you think you are going Read more read more »

Making tax filing easier

The tax filing season is underway and by now you should have received your various forms (1099s, W-2s, etc.) in the mail or online. Ok, not really a great time of the year, especially if you think you are going Read more read more »

Cyber Fraud Analytics

It is over years back when people are busy thinking of an alternate way to trade or sell their goods and products without worrying about the barriers or boundaries, where we are introduced with the new mode of business through e-commerce. People start to learn various thing about online selling to the very important point; the mode of payment. Introduction to online payment has increased the dangers of the internet, as it triggered the need for some security measure after the online commerce has started ... read more »

Top Ten Things To Do When You’re Sick

On Saturday afternoon, I felt a frog in my throat around 5 pm. By 8 pm, I had no voice and I was incredibly nauseous. So, heres how I ended up spending my Sunday. Your top ten things to do when youre sick: 1) Sleep naturally. This makes the most sense. I have had [] The post Top Ten Things To Do When Youre Sick appeared first on Somehow Chaotic. Tags: Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply! You might be interested in this: SU... read more »

Sick Day Hacks for the Single Girl

When you're little, being sick is no fun, either. But you know your mommy will make it all better.But when you're a 20-something city dweller living several states away from your family? It can be a little trickier - especially when it suddenly sets in and you don't have time to prepare.That happened to me this weekend. I felt fine on Friday, fine on Saturday, and then a little nauseous on Saturday evening, but not terrible. I played a couple games of Resistance with my roommates (highly recommend) but b... read more »

Luna Bars for a Healthy New Year!

A surprisingly small percentage of the popular protein and snack bars out there are vegan. Luckily for all the vegans of the world, or even those who are just trying to be a bit more plant based, Luna Bar is so awesome that you don't need anyone else! I recently had the pleasure of trying their full line of bars and protein bars, specially formulated by women for women and all vegan! Luna Bars have long been some of my favorite bars. They're the perfect size for a snack, filling, sweet enough that ... read more »

Warranty coverage will help you save money

Especially during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping sprees, dont forget that your purchases come with a warranty if something breaks. Commonly known as manufacturers warranties, these typically cover you for a year or more for defects or other Read more read more »

Healthy Hosting: How to Throw A Healthier Holid...

It's finally November and that means the holidays are finally here. Holiday party season is upon us!To keep us all feeling our best during the holidays, it's important to work in some balance among the indulgence. That's the best way to have happy, healthy holidays that stay great from beginning through end! If you're the one hosting, take it as an opportunity to throw a healthier get-together. I'm not suggesting that you serve only celery sticks and lemon water to your poor guests, but rather that you ... read more »

Adapting Your Career To Tough Economy

The economy worldwide is facing a turbulent moment at this time of the year. Fretting about how to survive your career in this challenging time of disrupting changes of economical demographic and technological innovation that drives drastic evolution to the career in many industries affected. No matter how defensive is your skills in attaining trust from your employers, there will be time when the changes push your relevancy to the career away as many related works these days have been replaced gradually... read more »

3 Month Itch vs. 3 Month Celebration??

Hi there folks- long time no see! So I want to treat this post as a bit of anepiphany speech, yeah, lets go with that one...Not to blow my own trumpet (but who else will?) I've never had a form of rejection and probablydidn'thandle that too well so I did feel lousy, sad, confused, lost, angry, betrayed, hurt….and no I'm not looking for a violin but I want people to gain some comfort or understanding that it isokto feel these emotions after a break-up, let yourself feel them; it's perfectly normal :-) Ple... read more »

Is It Writer’s Block or Creativity Block?

Staring at this blank white page almost makes me think I’ve had writers block for the past few months. Ignoring your blog is easy to blame on “I couldn’t think of anything to write!” Unfortunately, the truth is that I... The post Is It Writers Block or Creativity Block? appeared first on Somehow Chaotic. Tags: Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply! You might be interested in this: 23 for 23: Run a 5K WEEKEND // The One Where I ... read more »

Does Job Success Depend On Data Rather Than You...

Nearly half of the new recruits turn out to be duds within 18 months while other two-third of the hiring managers admitted to have chosen the wrong people over and over again. Most of the reason of the failure is not just about that the person don’t have the requisite skills required but their personality often clash with the company’s culture. In that case most recruitment agencies are resorting to big data analytics to lower the risk of fraudulent hiring and firing process. This will help the process t... read more »

How To Go From So-So To Sexy in Six Simple Steps

Like that alliteration? I'm so witty, I know - hold the applause, your appreciative silence is enough. We all feel off sometimes, but if you're an actress or model and you have a job or a casting to go to, you have to make sure that it doesn't show. Especially for acting, a lot of emotion is in the eyes. To be convincing, you really need to feel what you're projecting. So how do you feel and project sexy superstar if you have an It Girl-type audition and you're just not feeling it? Even if you're n... read more »

13 Things Not To Say During Your Job Interview

Aside from submitting a resume full of typos, there will be a chance you get turned down for a job offer when you accidentally say things that was not acceptable during your interview session. These so-called sayings are the easiest way to get you quickly eliminated from a job offer consideration. Basically it feels like putting your foot into your mouth technically. You might have aced your resume validation check and gave your hiring managers a great impression for the first time just by reading throug... read more »

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