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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Hello folks, I am glad you have taken the time out of your busy schedule to read my article. Today I want to write about Self Hurt or Self Infliction of pain. This article is more of a continuation of my previous article titled THE SLOW POISON. I sincerely hope that my point of view about ... read more »

Involuntary Commitment for Addiction

Involuntary Commitment for AddictionHelplessness and AddictionWatching a loved one self destruct is one of the hardest things that any human has to face. This is what happens when one individual falls into the hell of addiction – they will usually take their family with them. Those people around the addict may feel completely powerless to resolve the situation. The addict denies they have a problem and refuse to consider any suggestions that they get help. The family then have to choice of watching this ... read more »


Normal 0 false false false EN-GB ZH-TW AR-SA Hello once again, today I want to write about the word “Normal” and how it relates to our young ones and by young ones, I am talking about our teenagers who have been pressured into doing things that our society deems “Normal” which ideally is considered wrong. On the next part of this serie... read more »

3 Options for drug addicts––and that’s all you get

Personal Mastery is about self-control and self-determination. There is nothing more destructive to your control of your own life than addiction. I know this from personal experience. If youre struggling, or know someone who is, I hope this helps… There are ultimately only 3 options for a drug addict: #1 Quit #2 Jail #3 Death [] read more »

I’m a very lucky guy

I like it when people challenge my ideas and opinions. If I can’t defend my position, then I need to re-evaluate and modify … or just plain change my mind! After my presentation at a recent conference, someone challenged me on the role of luck in my life … During THE SENSEI LEADER keynote, I [] read more »

I need Air Max Rehab

I bought a pair of sneakers via Ebay this week. I buy mostly everything from the internet. I find shopping in stores a loathe some task and avoid it at all costs. I purchased the Air Max 2014. I have had my eye on the 2013 since 2012 when they arrived. I am a sneaker [] read more »

Winter Loss

Image courtesy of The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App via creative commons Winter is coming! Oh, wait, it’s already here. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years has come and gone. I hope your holiday was filled with [] read more »

What Flips Your Mental Switch?

Ok, I’m going all out on the mental boat again and I’m looking for some passengers.  So to answer Denise’s question about how crazy I am, I’ve got some more homework.  We got onto another subject in my ongoing therapy Continue reading read more »

Who controls your mental switches?

Ok, Im going all out on the mental boat again and Im looking for some passengers.  So to answer Denises question about how crazy I am, Ive got some more homework.  We got onto another subject in my ongoing therapy Continue reading The post Who controls your mental switches? appeared first on Opticynicism. read more »

My Troubling Chocolate Addiction

With all the capability of my soul, I agree with the Incas of old that chocolate is the food of the gods. I don't know what it is about chocolate which tinges my eyes with a worshipful, hypnotic glaze and makes me abandon all rational thought and reason. Eating too much chocolate is not good for my heart, The caffeine and sugar makes it flutter and increase in speed, mature moderation is my goal, yet still I persist in partaking in these elaborate gorging sessions regardless of the consequences. ... read more »

I got to Shrink my Shrink

Ive been a little slack this week, but not as slack as you think.  Ive been all behind the scenes and shit.  My post tonight, as well as another one Im going to do this weekend are kinda serious which Continue reading The post I got to Shrink my Shrink appeared first on Opticynicism. read more »

Interview with Patrick O’Neil

Patrick O’Neil: The beauty of vulnerable writing, recovery, punk rock and the profound transformation from wunderkind to junkie and back, to find his true self. Listen to this episode below, on the podcast page (HERE) or download it for free... The post Interview with Patrick ONeil appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

Interview with Benmont Tench

Benmont Tench: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, sobriety and the power of music through the tales and memories of a legendary music man. This episode (39) is sponsored by and its LIVE for download on iTunes (HERE) or on... The post Interview with Benmont Tench appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

Interview with David Kukoff: 1960s, Laurel Cany...

You can listen to the podcast version of this interview with the new mic on the podcast page, on my podcast website HERE, or download it for FREE on iTunes (LINK HERE). Great talk! p.s. Rate the podcast on iTunes... The post Interview with David Kukoff: 1960s, Laurel Canyon and Todays America appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

Growing Up Is The Way To Go

I often wonder what people are thinking. If a child was not gaining weight or growing, people would be concerned. They would begin to investigate the reason behind the lack of growth. Questions would be asked. Is it an organic reason? An environmental reason? Are the parents not contributing to the growth of their child? [] read more »

Five signs you’re an obsessive writer:

he geeky writer is seated behind the typewriter typing incessantly, those around the writer carry on as if the writer is invisible. Why doesn’t the writer join them? Why doesn’t the writer get up and dance, chat or just smile at someone? Perhaps because most writers become obsessed with their work, living and dreaming about [] read more »

ANNA DAVID: An Intimate After Party Chat.

This interview is also LIVE (for the first time) on my podcast.  Anna I had fun and you can enjoy and download this talk for free on iTunes or by visiting the podcast page. Dig it and review it,... The post ANNA DAVID: An Intimate After Party Chat. appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

The Life Active

I have never known a time when I have been inactive. Sure, I have had injuries and illness, but I have never been out of commission for an extended period of time. I think the longest I have gone without any form of physical activity in my adult life has been two weeks. My parents [] read more »

A Facebook Detox: Is Happiness Only Real When S...

This column is also LIVE on iTunes.  Download my podcast and dig my voice in traffic, in bed or wherever you are.   A FACEBOOK DETOX, NOAM CHOMSKY, COMMUNICATION, ROBERT BLY AND MY QUEST ON THE SHARING OF LIFE. Happiness... The post A Facebook Detox: Is Happiness Only Real When Shared? appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

Getting Through the Toughest Times: “How Do YOU...

A lot of people, after hearing about my past lives, ask me how I keep going after so many setbacks, challenges, failures and acts of sheer stupidity! You might not like my answer… First of all, it’s important to note that most of the adversity I’ve faced in my life was completely self-imposed. I am [] read more »

Home Run (2013)

A Movie Parable by Michael Elliott There are some problems that cannot be solved by tackling them alone. Home Run tells the story of a very successful baseball player whose life is much less successful off the field. It is a life-affirming story of addiction, forgiveness, Continue reading The post Home Run (2013) appeared first on Movie Parables. read more »

Getting Through the Toughest Times: Drop the La...

I am not a drug addict… …anymore. I know the convention- though it’s now changing in some circles, is that once a drug addict, always a drug addict…or alcoholic, or criminal, or liar, or any other type of personality type you might have been. I don’t agree. With best intentions experts concluded that by accepting [] read more »

Getting Through the Toughest Times: “I just wan...

Suicide rates have increased nearly 30% over the past ten years- in people over age 35. From the New York Times: “The most pronounced increases were seen among men in their 50s, a group in which suicide rates jumped by nearly 50 percent, to about 30 per 100,000. For women, the largest increase was seen [] read more »

National Poetry Month (The Needle People)

Three times three plus four moons past I dove head first into the dismal deep of the shallowest of seas. For years I divided myself by six-sevenths Minus a litany of closeted fees My love still lives a life in vain— Sentenced to suppress its altered face The needle people prepare to dine [] read more »

Confessions Of A Tablet Addict

Hello. My name is Nathan. Until recently, I had been clean for the past 32 days. Then with a single decision it was all gone. I am a tablet addict. There used to be a time when I never thought I would find myself in this position. I had friends who were on the tablet [] read more »

Into My Arms: Come See Me Live, I'll Tell You W...

This column is also LIVE on iTunes. Enjoy my voice on your mobile device. A BENCH BY THE OCEAN, PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN AND WHY I'LL BE ON STAGE (IN TWO WEEKS OR SO.) Normal 0 14 false false false IT JA X-NONE Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge - 1991 R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman. read more »

SPECIAL POST: Philip Seymour Hoffman – No great...

I was trying to stay out of the Phillip Seymour Hoffman fray- until I read a post on a friend’s Facebook page… “He was a selfish puke. No great loss.” I’m not defending Hoffman. Any way you choose to frame it, he died at his own hand Living a tragic life does not make you [] read more »

32 And Life: Some Kind of Great Beauty.

The Great Beauty and my journey from the sex girl to something definitely better: This is just the beginning. This column is also LIVE on iTunes. Download me take me with you on your iPod, it's FREE. Normal 0 14 false false false IT JA X-NONE read more »

Discovered your loved one is an Addict?

So you just discovered your loved one is an addict. You are horrified, angry, embarrassed, frustrated, and almost every emotion known to man. What do you do? read more »

On The Tormented Comfort of Endless Beginnings....

In preparation for my interview with Bill Pullman, next week, this column is a walk through the streets of the Hollywood farmers' market on an early Sunday morning. And into my head, of course. If you are a new reader, welcome! There might be details in here that will require you some further digging and adventuring into old columns of mine. I truly hope you will enjoy the journey.This column is also live on iTunes. Dig me! Lately, I have been writing on an old notebook the images of the dry, yet wintr... read more »

Came to Believe Happens

Came to believe happens the moment we change our perception. – Linda Nelson read more »

Tough Love

Today in the checkstand I overheard a conversation that was pretty private; this actually happens quite often because there are a lot of people who tend to treat checkers rather like furniture, forgetting that we are living, breathing human beings with ears to hear with. Usually what I am privy to is a bunch of mind-melting gossip about who is cheating on who, who is in jail, who got out of jail, who is knocked up, and so-on and so-forth. Not really stuff I give a rat's ass about. The woman who caught my... read more »

Reflections of 2013

The year is just about over, and many people will be working on New Years resolutions – goals for the coming year. But for now I want to take the time to look back and remember where I have come from. How and why did I begin writing? It all started for me back in [] read more »


Royal Young by Erik EriksonAn intimate interview with author Royal Young about fame, addiction, sexuality, family and learning how to wait for the right moment in life. Royal Young and I talk on November 27. He is in New York and I am in Los Angeles. So I call him on his cell phone the day before Thanksgiving, noontide. The recording won't be of the best quality on GarageBand, at the end of the day. Nevertheless, the memory of this conversation will. He published his debut memoir, Fame Shark, this past ... read more »

First Times and My Goodbye to Lou Reed.

This column is also LIVE on iTunes. My voice is FREE. Dig it!There is a first time for everything. And my goodbye to Lou Reed I have been quite ill during the weekend that has just ended and the loss of Lou Reed did not make my Sunday any better. And I hate Sundays anyway. The only good thing about them is the New York Times with a decent breakfast. Waking up with the news of Lou passing away stained the day with a grieving gray. Needless to say that Sunday, October 27 became, musically wise, entirely d... read more »

Never Blame It On The Wind. The Santa Ana is Co...

The Santa Ana wind, the foehn and anger. Some history of Italy and new scenarios upon transcending yesterday. This column is also LIVE on iTunes. My voice is FREE. Dig it! Soundtrack: Push The Sky Away - Nick Cave When I am being asked where do I get the inspiration for my writing and, peculiarly for this blog, I never know what the most appropriate answer is. I never give away answers. For I don't really have any, although some of you would love to believe I do. If you have listened to my latest pod... read more »

Exclusive Interview with Author James Brown: Th...

Normal 0 14 false false false IT JA X-NONE 29that the West Hollywood Book Fair. MY INTERVIEW TO JAMES BROWN - ENJOY! A.C. Jim, I know about you and about where you come from. But I know that many of my readers are not familiar with your books and memoirs. This may sound a cliché question but I would like them to get to know you from ... read more »

Today is Overdose Awarness Day

This is such a sad thing to have to talk about. I know Ive had my share of experience with drug addiction via my son. It is such a shame to watch a loved one throw their life away over some petty substance. It doesnt even make them a better person, actually it does the [] read more »

What Happens To The Writer When The Story Is Over?

The 101 North and the purge of a writer who must live through her characters I was driving to Ventura the other day, for the big interview. There is something heavy and dense about me, something that I don't expel easily enough and that I must therefore purge through words; besides, I think it's my duty, what I am here for. You may as well easily enough discharge what I say with a click of mouse, the smooth track pad of your fancy MacBook Pro. I have received the first negative critique to my writing ... read more »

Dear Ms. Carbone: Thank You For Your Request, M...

Joan Didion As you may have noticed I have recently added an Amazon banner on my blog. You can now support the blog by enjoying your Amazon shopping through by simply clicking on the Amazon links or banners throughout my website. C'mon, we all shop on Amazon! Do it and I'll love you more! Normal 0 14 false false false IT JA X-NONE ... read more »

“1 Way” by Zoli Csomoss

There is only 1 Way that life can be lived - find out in "1 Way" by Zoli Csomoss. read more »

First Day experience

Habits are trait of one’s behaviors and believe me it will be an injustice towards that specific habit if we become judgmental in defining it as a good or bad habit. I remember my early college years when one of my friends offered me raw chewing tobacco, which I courteously denied at the very first; he coaxed “nothing will happen..!! Have it” I took it and kept it read more »

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