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Howdy folks!♥VERY, VERY few people actually keep their word. Hence, the same goes for being able to absolutely trust as well. If a person can't or doesn't keep their word, they cannot be completely trusted either. Elementary!Trust has two phases. First, one has to trust another with something and then second, watch and listen carefully as to how another treats what they were trusted with. It's in how the other person regards what they were trusted with that tells the tale of whether or not they are a tru... read more »


Howdy folks!♥ "Sticks and stones may break our bones,But like new, they'll mend and heal.Words can break our hearts and spirits,Leaving wounds beyond repeal."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Words" Full Size PNG:"Sticks and stones may break our bones,But like new, they'll mend and heal.Words can break our hearts and spirits,Leaving wounds beyond repeal."Remember,... read more »


Howdy folks!♥I think this poem speaks well for itself.♥"Behind the Gun"(image pending)Guns are just objects all on their own;They know not whether to oppose or condone.They have no mind to think, judge, or rate.Hence, blaming them rests with a human trait.Humans can't accept accountability,Because the human ego defies humility.So anything we can, we humans like to blameBecause our ego can't accept feeling any shame.So when a drunk driver gets behind the wheel,Gets into a crash and another's life does ste... read more »


Howdy folks!♥Humanity's greatest weakness is the human ego. At the root of our problems is the human ego. The greatest hindrance with solving our problems is the human ego. We're divided because of human ego. We attack and violate others, we infringe on others, we demean, harass and bully others, we steal from others, we impose on others, we lie to and cheat others, we blame others, we hate others, etc., etc., because we elect to please and appeal to our ego, because denying our ego power requires streng... read more »


Howdy folks!♥This poem resulted from experiencing one too many times another person playing their head/mind games. Those who play head/mind games, do they think they're funny, cute, intelligent? I don't mind having a little fun, kidding around, and whatnot, but never to cause another harm, stress, or duress, because then it's not something enjoyable any longer. It's anything but.Playing head games to torment someone is cruel, heartless, and so immature. No respectable person does such. So, what exactly d... read more »


Greetings and welcome!♥Anything "morally right" to do needs no justification whatsoever. Therefore, if we find ourselves looking for ways, excuses, to justify any of our actions and behaviours, the rightness, the morality of, is already in question.♥ PNG url:"If for our actions and behaviour, we feel the need to justify,Perhaps, we need to thin... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥When one chooses to speak out against wrong, they are often labeled with words like complainer, whistleblower, drama queen/king, etc.. I would much rather be called these than an "enabler" because an enabler, by saying, doing nothing about wrongdoing, they in reality "aid the wrongdoer". Therefore, an enabler becomes a part of the wrongdoing. It's not all the wrongdoing being done in this world that's ruining it as much as it is all those who, when they learn of the... read more »

IVR Security Hole Redux with CIBC

In January, I was dealing with the bank CIBC over an issue with their IVR system.To recap, there was a problem with their automated system, where it would call and ask the person who picked up my phone to "press 1" if they were me. If someone presses 1, the bank would then fail to verify if I'm actually me, or the cleaner, the child-care assistant or the robber that just stole my phone and would rattle off what I consider to be personal information.Obviously, I wasn't happy about that security hole as I ... read more »

Greyhound Friends of Hopkington.... Killing Gre...

I started writing this piece back in 2013. It's a difficult piece as each time I visit it, I think of the two greyhounds that Louise Coleman destroyed. At that time, my anger was too fresh and I set this aside. It seems like a good time to finish this.HISTORYSeveral years back, Greyhound Friends of Hopkington and Louise Coleman were held up as a "partner" by Grey2K, when they were refusing to take responsibility for the dogs in MA, dogs that were displaced by their efforts at lobbying the Legislature to ... read more »

Accountability Removes The Roughness

I don’t know about you but as a child I was pretty wild. Folks that knew me from my childhood most likely are amazed that I actually made it through that time in my life. Certainly it was the God from above who kept me from utter destruction. As a child, I grew up in [] read more »

Lack of Privacy Leads To Abundance of Accountab...

Today on the news was a story in the FT that the Wall St bods are now ditching Blackberry devices and switching to alternatives, further underscoring the problems at Blackberry.This isn't a surprise as it's only saving grace was it was more secure than the competition, but that argument has a fatal flaw: security is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, if your secure Blackberry is sending an email to a phone that is not a Blackberry (so that's now most of us) that security has multiple places t... read more »

Positive or Negative... The Truth About Will Power

"I can't seem to get started. ""Being healthy is hard. It takes too much work.""I tried it once, and I just can't seem to stick to it. I don't have the will power!"I hate the term "will power". It's a term that always has a have or don't have attached to it. If someone tries to make a change and doesn't the reason is that they don't have will power. If someone accomplishes a tough goal that requires sustained effort and change, it is credited to the fact that they do have will power. Will power becomes a... read more »

Here's A Challenge... Can you Handle It??

Are you up for it? I DARE you to take the challenge and pass it along. You won't regret it, and you'll bless and empower someone else to see the AMAZING in them! read more »

The "Happiness" Fallacy

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE If you think that you can simply avoid any person that does not make you happy, you may as well move to your own solar system and take your position as sun. The chances of you being able to live your life productively and fully by simply avoiding or banning anyone that doesn’t meet your ha... read more »

The Fine Art of Stewarding Failure

I got an F on a test. I forgot the words to a speech in front of a crowd. I missed a deadline. I wasn't there for a friend. I had a relationship go sour. I didn't reach my fitness goal. I opened my mouth at the wrong time and said the wrong thing. I didn't get the job. The above list... I've fallen short in every one of those things. Some of them, multiple times.That makes that old saying "Failure is NOT and option!" feel like an awful lot of pressure.The truth is that failure is inevitable. It ... read more »

New Year, New Accountability!

As the new year comes around, the world looks forward to what will come in the next 365 days of the year. Media fodder and commercial organizations are more than willing to share how you can be better in the next year. Whether the improvements are financial, spiritual, or health centered, there is a company with a quick fix just waiting for you to purchase their product, program or potion that promises to get you to your resolution and goals. The answer to your issue is easy and easy at hand via a one cl... read more »

Where Is The Outrage?

I am truly bewildered by the devotees of Grey2K USA. Perhaps repeated recitations by their beloved leader proclaiming her purported miraculous resurrection from the dead and subsequent realization of her true vocation to help save greyhounds has so awed these disciples that they are blind to the truth. Even when the truth smacks them upside the head, they refuse to accept or even acknowledge it. Why is it so much easier to believe that an outdated photograph or graphic video clip implying nefarious abuse... read more »

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