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Howdy folks!♥Having experienced a tremendous loss, losing my beloved Mother, this poem touches on the effects/repercussions of a great loss and the resulting grief. People will say, "It will get easier with time." It's been over ten years since I lost my Mom. She was my rock, my mentor, my hero, my inspiration, my motivation, a best friend whom I could trust her with anything and I could always rely on her to speak to me honestly even when I didn't necessarily want to hear the truth. She was a lady, mode... read more »

A Passing Absence

It has been almost 3 months since my last blog post and the time off was well spent.It was never meant to be a long absence from blogging. Daily life took over, I became idle in maintaining my writing and also my blog.However, I can proudly say that there have been good things that I've done while away.I spent time learning how to create contents and write better.I also spent time learning a foreign language.I managed to catch up on my Korean dramas.Yes, I love my K-dramas and I'm not ashamed to say so. ... read more »

Donuts Tell A Story

As I lay in bed meditating on dreams, listening for His voice and knowing it would be a good idea to get up and get going, I found myself thinking about donuts. I had been thinking about people, including myself, who are where we are, not where we thought. And I immediately thought about donuts. [] read more »

I Said I'm Back. What happened?

I Said I'm back. What happened? Damned cataracts happened. I have no problems writing posts with speech to text, but reading and editing is very difficult. I'm undergoing eye surgery, and until both eyes are done, I can't get glasses. As a result, I probably won't be posting for another month until the other is done. I can do some work on my phone. Tomorrow, I'm getting a tablet for my birthday. If the tablet is what I expect, I may be posting sooner. Even before this past week, I had plenty to say. Re... read more »

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