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Blog Tips to Re-check

content discovered on Saturday, October 21, 2017 in

In order to grow a successful blog there are certain factors to consider. The blog tips we've written here derive from our observations while curating thousands of submitted blogs. We'd like to highlight some of those tips for newer members of our blogger community, as well as remind them to our loyal bloggers.

Join Content Marketing World 2017

content discovered on Friday, March 17, 2017 in

The largest content marketing event is nearing and you should prepare for it. Content Marketing World 2017 will connect 4000+ marketers, 550+ companies and 225 speakers in 150+ sessions and 123+ hours. The conference will happen between September 5 and 8, in Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland (Ohio, USA).As an event partner we at BlogUpp are happy to share with you the discount code MEDIA100, which allows you to save on your registration. Also be advised to benefit from early bird rates before the...

Reserve and Master your .blog Domain

content discovered on Monday, May 30, 2016 in blog domain https mixed content

Great news for bloggers. You'll soon be able to get a .blog domain, which makes available millions of new variations to match a blog name.The new top-level domain extension is possible thanks to the team behind WordPress and .blog domains will be available to anyone, irrespective of the blogging platform used.Up to now, .com has been the main choice for blogs and websites, and it is nowadays increasingly difficult to find a desired available domain name. Now with the new top-level domain .blog you can ge...

Join Content Marketing World 2016

content discovered on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 in cmworld content marketing world

The largest content marketing event is nearing and it will be bigger than ever. Content Marketing World 2016 will connect 4000+ marketers, 550+ companies and 225 speakers in 150+ sessions and 123+ hours. The conference will happen between September 6 and 9, in FirstMerit Convention Center of Cleveland (Ohio, USA).As an event partner we at BlogUpp are happy to share with you the discount code MEDIA100, which allows you to save on your registration. Also be advised to benefit from early bird rates before t...

Brave Bloggers and #FreeWord

Following Blog Action Day campaign, this is to thank everyone who participated and cared. We'd also like to highlight some of the bloggers who have suffered as a result of simply expressing thoughts. We do this, so that those of us who have the privilege to write freely - continue raising awareness and support fellow bloggers who can't do so.Here is a list of brave bloggers who were detained for their #FreeWord, reproduced from English Pen - one of the editing partners of this year's Blog Action Day, who...

#RaiseYourVoice, Make an Impact

content discovered on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 in blogactionday freeword girlsraiseyourvoice justablogger oct16 raiseyourvoice

You are invited to join Blog Action Day by October 16 - when voices from all over the world simultaneously share stories and ideas about important global topics. This year's main theme is #RaiseYourVoice and bloggers now have the choice to write on 3 sub-topics: #JustABlogger, #FreeWord or #GirlsRaiseYourVoiceSince 2007 Blog Action Day has united bloggers from 130 countries in over 40 languages, to create huge global conversations on the same day about particular critical issues. Past topics have include...

Content Marketing World is back again

content discovered on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 in cmworld content marketing world

The largest content marketing event that we've been supporting as a media partner is back. Over 100 speakers - including big names from Fortune 500 brands and leading social networks - will share inspiring and actionable keynotes, with hands-on learning and relevant content marketing examples. The conference also gives a chance to connect with over 3,500 interactive, content marketing, communications, SEO and social marketing professionals from over 50 countries.That being said, we at BlogUpp highly reco...

Free Content Writing Assistance App

content discovered on Friday, March 6, 2015 in content app content recommendations content writing assistance

Growing a blog audience requires you to create content worth reading, before wondering how to promote the blog. Recommendations on how to improve content for your target audience make it a lot easier to write great stories and blog posts.In this context we'd like to recommend Atomic App, which is a free content writing assistance app built by the fellows at Atomic Reach. Click on the infographic below to enlarge it and learn more on how you can benefit from content recommendations provided by the app, to...

Widget upgrade for HTTPS blogs

content discovered on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 in https blog widget https mixed content mixed protocol

If you installed BlogUpp content discovery widget in the past, it is advisable to upgrade it. The previous version still works, but the new one has been improved. The use of HTTPS / SSL is becoming frequent. Relevant to the blogoshpere is that now all blogs are loaded via HTTPS by default. In addition to added security and more privacy, there are a few other things to consider. For instance, certain browsers might show notifications when HTTPS blogs/websites include assets from HTTP sources...

Blog Giveaway & Holiday Greetings!

content discovered on Saturday, December 20, 2014 in blog rewards blogger community bonus content discoveries holiday greetings

This holiday season we'd like to award the blogger community, besides wishing everyone Happy Holidays and an excellent New Year! Most of you will certainly post beautiful holiday greetings in your blogs and we'd love to help deliver them with a giveaway. You'll get bonus content distribution as follows: you get 2015 content discoveries multiplied by the number of seasons your blog has been continuously active within our blogger community. Meaning that if your blog has been active with us for less than...

Blog Action Day: Let's fight inequality

content discovered on Thursday, October 9, 2014 in blogactionblogactionday inequality blog action day

This year's Blog Action Day (Oct 16) is dedicated to #INEQUALITY. Bloggers are invited to involve and help make an impact. By uniting many voices around inequality we'll create a powerful global discussion and achieve more. Non-bloggers are also welcome to raise awareness through their social networks, as well as take appropriate action in offline interaction whenever facing inequality situations.We have gone a long way to have things like slavery, racism and gender discrimination almost disappear in mos...

Pro Blog Tips & Updates Checking Upgrade

content discovered on Thursday, July 3, 2014 in blog tips premium

Are you posting often in your blog? Then you should welcome the new upgrade, allowing Premium blogs to be checked for updates 50 times more often compared to the blogs that distribute content for free. Now every time you get a Premium package, your content distribution accelerates considerably, so that all your posts get maximum attention of our blog network audience.If you are updating your blog not more than several times a day and the rest of Premium benefits aren't a priority for you, then you are go...

Upgrade your blog widget. Get a Bonus

content discovered on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 in blogger giveaway

The web is evolving. HTML5 is here with its new standards, advantages and improvements. BlogUpp has been updated to be HTML5 compliant and optimized. It's a minor but important change for bloggers who want to have their blogs validated when it comes to latest html standards. Get your upgraded blog widget simply by re-entering your blog address at Once the widget-code shows up, copy and paste it in the sidebar of your blog, to replace the previous blog widget. Please be advised to...

Blogger Contest. Spread Love to Get More

content discovered on Saturday, February 8, 2014 in blogger contest blogger giveaway valentine s day

YOU are invited to our blogger contest related to Valentine's Day. Have to say beautiful things about love or your loved ones? Then you are ready for the blogger contest. Simply express it in a kind and creative way, Share your inspiring writing on your blog, Let us know about it by linking back to this post or tweet your blog post with the hashtags #Valentine and #BlogUpp. We'll be giving away Premium packages of 10.000 content distributions for participating blogs of our blogger community members. An...

BlogUpp aka BlogUp. Logo update

content discovered on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 in blogup blogupp logo

The name BlogUpp has 2 "p" to emphasize the word "Up" as well as be unique. Since bloggers name us "BlogUp" too, we've acquired - so now it's okay to refer to us like that and reach our content distribution services via as well.As you already know, our mission is to promote blogs and help you blog up. Our name is meant to tell that. In this context, we are also updating our logo to the one illustrated herein. Your feedback on it is invited and highly appreciated. Thank you every...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

content discovered on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 in happy new year merry christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and many happy returns from the New Year 2014. With love and season greetings, BlogUpp Team

Adding blog widget to SSL secured sites

content discovered on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 in https blog widget https mixed content

Secured blogs and websites with SSL normally have a URL that begins with "https://". If that is your case, note that when you install a blog widget from a non-HTTPS website, most browsers by default will not display the add-on as well as other page elements that come from non-HTTPS sources. You will also get a browser warning of mixed secure and insecure content.To help our blogger community avoid these type of browser issues, we are glad to announce that now BlogUpp has SSL support for the blog widget,...

Updates on OpenID Delegation and Authentication

content discovered on Monday, October 21, 2013 in blogupp analytics openid openid delegation

Following up on earlier tutorial for authentication with OpenID delegation, this is to update our bloggers that issued identifiers will be no longer available starting with February 2014. Instead, you could now use your existing account with Google, Yahoo or AOL to enable OpenID delegation and authenticate into BlogUpp, to access your blog analytics and Premium discounts. Special thanks to Sep Bar of SkyPrep blog, who has reported the above update, as well as helped us enable the other serv...

Bloggers Wanted. Join Blog Action Day

content discovered on Friday, September 6, 2013 in blog action day human rights

Great things happen when people join forces. Blog Action Day's mission is to unite bloggers and amplify a social message to lead change. You are invited as a blogger to be a part of this great initiative and help build awareness. We at BlogUpp are honored to be supporting the action as a partner.You might have already heard of Blog Action Day. Every year, during one particular day participating bloggers write about one important global topic, with the objective to generate an amplified global discussion,...

Adblock Plus to support blogs. Join Acceptable ...

content discovered on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 in adblock plus advertising whitelist

You probably use Adblock Plus to get a cleaner web. As a blogger supporting your blog with ads that might be an issue. Now you can benefit from Adblock Plus by applying to Acceptable Ads initiative. It is completely free for blogs and we at BlogUpp strongly encourage you to take advantage from it.Adblock Plus (aka ABP) is now the most popular ad blocker browser extension. Since the beginning of this open source project in 2006, the main goal of Adblock Plus has been to make the Internet a smooth place fo...

Come to Content Marketing World

content discovered on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 in content marketing institute content marketing world

Content Marketing Institute organizes one of the most influent industry events - Content Marketing World, which we are honored to partner with and support. It's the largest conference where you can learn and connect with the best and the brightest in content marketing. To give you a clue on the quality of ideas shared at this content marketing event - you'll learn successful content strategies from marketers growing brands that bring to you services and products everyone loves, such as Coca Cola, General...

"Эхо Петербурга", здравствуй!

content discovered on Thursday, May 16, 2013 in partnership эхо петербурга

Here's a warm welcome to all the bloggers of popular radio "Эхо Москвы в Петербурге" ("Echo of Moscow" in St. Petersburg), aka "Эхо Петербурга". We are honored to be distributing the Premium content written by the influential bloggers on radio's portal. Some observers describe the community as "the last bastion of free media in Russia" (via Wikipedia). Also honored to have BlogUpp widget installed on all blogs of "Echo of Moscow" in Saint Petersburg, which now makes our Russian blogger community even big...

Can we save Reader?

content discovered on Monday, March 18, 2013 in petition save google reader

Google Reader is about to be closed. That's sad news for most of us. Please sign this petition for our collective voice to be heard. We hope, and you'll know you tried at least. In today’s world of mainly “shiny” apps the common sense and fundamental values are mostly overlooked, along with the user experience. Similarly, social streams limit control of what and when we get through various ranking mechanisms.On the other hand, Google Reader has been the web-based service to consume news and m...

Celebrating 5 Years of All Us Together

content discovered on Monday, March 4, 2013 in bloggers blogupp birthday

BlogUpp blogger community makes 5 years! It's nice getting presents, but it's a much greater feeling when you give. Cheering all bloggers and giving a 5,000 bonus to those who are 3+ years with us, while newer bloggers are getting a thumb up from BlogUpp Team for their great blogs.Thank You for being with us and for supporting the community connect great bloggers and audiences. Happy 5 Year Anniversary! // Image by Mom-101

Get Your Search Marketing Expo Deal

content discovered on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 in search marketing expo smx

Don't miss Search Marketing Expo - the new event and a great opportunity to network with bloggers and influencers. Get $100 off and even attend for free with Expo+ Pass pre-registration until March 10. This is made possible as a result of our media partnership with SMX event organizers. Simply use the code "smx100blogupp" to get your deal. Enjoy!

Explore, Discover and Learn

content discovered on Monday, February 4, 2013 in content distribution discovery news

You know we love discovering great blogs. And we are true fans of everything Discovery. In this context we are honored to add Discovery News to the default category across our content distribution channels. Being a genuine source of exciting news we believe you'll enjoy Discovery News. Explore and uncover the most fascinating science news from our everyday world.

Improved Blog Content Distribution

content discovered on Monday, January 21, 2013 in blog content distribution

We believe simple is better. While you are not being confused with new features added often - we do improve performance constantly. The recent change makes possible checking for blog updates more frequently. Which means distributing your blog content faster and thus keep your readers happy. Besides, now Premium blogs are placed in the top of the queue while being distributed.As a result of another upgrade, we'll be checking for new blog feeds and replace the initial ones. It's important to make sure your...

Get your BlogWorld NMX 2013 deal

content discovered on Sunday, December 16, 2012 in blogupp blogworld blogger event new media expo nmx blogger conference

Excited to share with you that BlogUpp has partnered with BlogWorld, the organizer of New Media Expo (NMX) - world's largest conference for Bloggers and content creators. Here's the good news for our community bloggers - get event tickets with 20% discount simply by using the code "blogup20"!Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the top bloggers how to take your blog to the next level, and get more blog readers follow you, all while networking with thousands of content creators and influencers. Note t...

Inviting Ideas to Reward Bloggers

content discovered on Sunday, October 7, 2012 in facebook page blogger contest reward bloggers

Our blogger community deserves to be rewarded, and for this reason we'd like to start a loyalty program. You are invited to suggest criteria to reward. The ideas should be related with posting on BlogUpp community page on Facebook, since Facebook likes will help determine the winners. Idea examples would be "best motto of the week" and "blogger contest of the month" - that are to get Facebook likes. We are anticipating to reward a publisher's blog with 10 000 bonus points each 2nd week. The participants...

Facebook Apps Authorization Changes

content discovered on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 in facebook cross posting

Facebook has introduced a series of modifications to its platform starting with October 3rd, which handles apps authorization differently. This means that apps authorized earlier to cross-post to Facebook pages or profile, might need to be reauthorized from time to time.In this context, should you not see your blog post being cross-posted to Facebook via BlogUpp, simply revisit, submit your blog repeatedly, and click Facebook cross-posting button. This should reauthorize BlogUpp app to publis...

The Best Blog Titles. Best Practices

content discovered on Sunday, August 19, 2012 in titles best practices best blog titles blog best practices

Blog titles are essential, and writing them properly is key to attract readers and support bloggers in promoting blogs. Although this fact seems obvious, and it's frequently mentioned throughout the web, this is still being overlooked.Continuing blog best practices series, linked herein are great advices from Adam Vavrek of Skyword, in the blog post with 6 best practices for how to get the click, including title trigger words and examples. Note though that while writing engaging titles it is importan... custom domain blogs

content discovered on Friday, June 29, 2012 in blogupp wordpress custom domain blog

Since there are custom domain blogs on platform, this blog post is to help bloggers with particularities while they submit a blog to our blogger community.We've mentioned in an earlier tutorial that by default doesn't allow installing interactive widgets, which usually rely on JavaScript and iframes ( allows such). Because of that we automatically generate a special widget for * blogs. Here's is a little hint for custom domain blogs on

Country-specific URL. Blog Analytics

content discovered on Thursday, April 19, 2012 in blogger country specific domain analytics

Blogs on now may have serveral URL's: one ending with .com, and another one ending with a country-specific domain. Please learn more at the following Blogger support page. One of the affected areas with this change is the access to blog analytics panel. In case your blog is approved, and you are not able to authenticate, then simply change the head section of your blog to:where "blog-name" should be your claimed blog's name, an...

Cross-posting to Facebook Pages

content discovered on Sunday, March 4, 2012 in cross posting facebook page blog distribution new features

Announcing a new feature - cross-posting to Facebook pages. Blog distribution to Facebook pages added to the blog promotion suite makes BlogUpp a truly all-in-one blogger support, meant to build awareness, connect bloggers and engage readers. The new feature is an extension of existing cross-posting ability, which pushes updates to personal profiles.• Now, after you submit the blog URL,• click Facebook cross-posting button, and• on the confirmation page there’s visible the list of Facebook pages you own...

Google Apps Marketplace

content discovered on Saturday, February 25, 2012 in blogupp google apps

Happy to share with you that we’ve been included in Google Apps Marketplace, and now we are more accessible to millions of Google Apps individuals and businesses who are blogging.The more connections we build, the greater the content that you’ll be discovering. We take this opportunity to thank our bloggers for being part of our selected blogger community. Cheers!

Expression Equals Freedom and Vice Versa

content discovered on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 in sopa pipa

January 18th (2012) will be the day in the history known as the Largest Online Protest for the Freedom of Expression. As participants we hope to be able to make a difference, and preserve the common sense. Learn more by clicking on the image below. Please share the info to build awareness. Together we can do more.

Custom Domain Blogs Love

content discovered on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 in blogupp godaddy blogger com custom domain blog

Our goal is to make your experience with us very simple and enjoyable. Now with a custom domain blog on you benefit from quick-add feature. We detect blog's engine and automatically offer the "Add to Blogger" button, to make it a breeze for you. It saves you time with copying widget-code and locating the gadget for embedding. This is applicable for all blogs with upgraded templates.Also worth mentioning in this context is the simplified ability provided by in collaboration with Go...

Big News: Featured on

content discovered on Thursday, November 3, 2011 in blogupp blogger com

We are so honored to have BlogUpp featured on in the official list of recommended blog gadgets.Now millions of bloggers can install the blog promotion service with just one click on the featured listing. To keep everyone happy, the gadget integrates seamlessly with blog templates for its simple and clean design.As active users (with this blog inclusively), we highly recommend it as the blogging platform of your choice. has got a new look lately with tons of cool improv...

Get Points and More Blog Exposure

content discovered on Saturday, October 15, 2011 in cross post facebook cross posting auto post twitter

We've been giving away welcome points to every community blog so far. Today we've changed it slightly, so that points will be automatically assigned upon enabling Facebook and Twitter cross-posting.Hence we'd like to invite all our community bloggers to benefit of this change and get the extra-points. Basically each point equals an additional view across the community and the chance to be discovered by new blog readers. You get 1000 points for enabling Facebook cross-post, and 500 points for Twitter cros...

Improve Blog Rank via Validation Badge

content discovered on Sunday, September 18, 2011 in validation badge blog rating blog rank

Since the introduction of content discovery toolbar blog readers are able to contribute to blog ranking, besides using other toolbar features.Rating blogs is available by default to blog readers sent by blogupp - either via the widget, content discovery toolbar, blog directory or social media auto-share. Now here's how to improve blog rank and encourage your blog visitors build a better blog rating. Simply place the following code anywhere on your blog, replacing in it prior to that the part "YOUR_BLOG_U...

Let's Celebrate the Blog Day!

content discovered on Monday, August 29, 2011 in blog day discover blogs

Dear blogger / blog reader, did you know that August 31st has been declared the Blog Day? The initiative started on, and we'd like to pass it on, since great blogs deserve their special dedicated day. The idea behind this is simple and yet powerful to create new connections between bloggers and blog readers. It's about getting to know other fellow bloggers from all over the world and show appreciation to their blogs. On this day bloggers usually recommend new and interesting blogs to their b...

Contest: Community based Design

content discovered on Sunday, June 26, 2011 in contest blogupp blogger contest design

Hi there! We are excited to announce 2 new blogger contests and hereby invite the participation of our blogger community. 1) The first one is a design contest addressing everyone with a design eye. Have a great suggestion for BlogUpp's home page and directory design, to give it a gorgeous new look? You are most welcome to send your preview by email. When more previews are gathered - they'll be selected and voted by the community. The author of chosen design will be rewarded with a generous blog promotio...

5 Best Practices for Blog Success

content discovered on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 in best practices blog success tips

From our experience reviewing lots of blogs here's a list of blog tips and blogger best practices on how to build a successful blog.1. Go for shorter blog layouts to make the blog load faster.Simply by limiting the number of blog posts per page to 10 (at most) - the blog can get more reader friendly as well as it does good for SEO. That's because longer layouts require more time to load and crawl blog pages, while most blog readers might not be patient enough till all content shows up. 2. Use only essen...

Celebrate Blogger Appreciation Day

content discovered on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 in blogger appreciation

Howdy! This is to salute and thank You - for being a blogger, or simply a blogosphere consumer. On "Blogger Appreciation Day" in continuation to previous year's initiative we encourage to spread appreciation to the bloggers you follow and respect. This call is published in advance of April 14, to allow time for your preparation. To all of our community members, current and future ones – we send friendly greetings and much appreciation for sharing knowledge, for creating and leading opinions, as well as ...

Enjoy Auto-Share on Facebook Pages

content discovered on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 in facebook auto share cross posting blogupp

Cross-posting blogs to Facebook & Twitter profiles is an auto-share feature that we announced earlier. For those of you who have a dedicated blog page on Facebook, we'd like to share a simple tip on how to publish blog articles to Facebook pages as well, automatically.It's easy to activate, as follows:1.Go to Facebook page manager and click "Edit Page" under the page that blog posts need to be published to;2.Choose "Apps" from left sidebar, and locate "Notes" in the list of apps;3.Under "Notes" click "Go...

Enjoy Auto-Share on Facebook Pages

content discovered on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 in facebook auto share cross posting blogupp

Cross-posting blogs to Facebook & Twitter profiles is an auto-share feature that we announced earlier. For those of you who have a dedicated blog page on Facebook, we'd like to share a simple tip on how to publish blog articles to Facebook pages as well, automatically.It's easy to activate, as follows: 1.Go to Facebook page manager and click "Edit Page" under the page that blog posts need to be published to [...]

3 Years of Blogger Service. Cheers!

content discovered on Friday, March 4, 2011 in blogupp birthday

The blogosphere is getting mature, and we grow along. Today BlogUpp makes 3 years since it has committed to serve bloggers, help succeed and spread their social voice. We thank everyone who is part of our blogger community, and congratulate sincerely! In retrospective on past year - we've been enforcing the values, and introduced new features, as follows:• Auto-share on Facebook and Twitter (aka cross-posting)• Blogger and WordPress gadgets• Moved BlogUpp to the could entirely• Billions of impressions s...

Blogger Contest Winners Announcement

content discovered on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 in blogupp blogger contest valentine s day blog directory

Ta-da! And the blogs selected as a result of Valentine's blogger contest are, as per the list below. These blogs are now featured in the blog directory for a whole months. The selection of winning blogs wasn't easy, since the number of nominated blogs [...]

Blogger Contest on Valentine’s Day

content discovered on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 in blogupp blogger contest valentine s day blog directory

Be original and engaging on Valentine's Day and get into the blogger contest we are launching. Selected blogs will be featured for a month in the blog directory, and promoted via our social profiles. This call is in continuation of our blogger contest we announced last year. The conditions for participation are simple: are encouraged and will be nominated original entries that got the most of reactions [...]

Thank You!

content discovered on Saturday, January 22, 2011 in blogger google facebook fans appreciation

First off, greetings to each of our 1,000+ genuine Facebook fans. Along with that cool fan number, we are deeply appreciative for PageRank 6, both to Google and bloggers being part of our blogger community. We are proud and value each follower and friend, who has connected with us via any of the communities mentioned under “Connect with us” in this blog's sidebar. Cheers and thank You! Together we can do more.

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