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content discovered on Saturday, December 23, 2017 in blessings celebrate christmas desktop1920x1080 divine gift gifts god s gift jesus christ love rejoice thankful

Greetings everyone! ♥My Christmas artwork for my desktop this year, based around my original "snow person" (Why do we call them snow'men'? Why not 'snowwoman' and 'snowman'?). ..And from my original candy cane image, which I derived from scanning an actual candy cane. Put altogether to spell, "L-O-V-E", our greatest Gift.♥"Gift Of Love" Full Size PNG:


content discovered on Saturday, December 16, 2017 in art theft copyright desktop1920x1080 fantasy flying horse horse mythology pegasus rights

Greetings everyone! ♥This Pegasus image/art, black and gold, Majestic Beauty with gold, is MY work, but the thieves out there are stealing, using, and adding MY work to their collections, offering MY work to be used by others, for which they do NOT have MY permission to do so, to use nor to reproduce/redistribute and are even omitting MY name as the creator/artist! All doing so I am reporting for copyright violation.MY original black and gold Pegasus, I uploaded to, intended for Elftown m...


Greetings everyone! ♥ "ART THIEVES"I'm sure many artists can relate to having their artwork stolen in one capacity or another. Whether another takes an artist's work and claims it as their own or uses another's work to make money off of it or reproduces/redistributes it leaving off/omitting the creator's name, all these constitute infringing on/violating the creator's copyright rights. But also and maybe especially, those who have or show no regard for an artist's work, tell the artist point blank that ...


content discovered on Thursday, November 23, 2017 in blessings forgiving gratitude life love negative into positive thankful thanksgiving wisdom

Greetings everyone! ♥I'm grateful for so many things,For all the joys that life brings.But I'm grateful too for lessons learnedThrough those by whom I've been burned.The good in life can't be appreciatedWithout having the bad well illustrated.So when my blessings I do count,I do include in this vast amountAll those who have done me wrongsTo cherish more those with whom my Love belongs."For all those in our lives who've taught us the hardest lessons well,We must be grateful for and forgiving of for peace ...


content discovered on Thursday, November 23, 2017 in birth birthday blessings expression forgiving gratitude negative into positive wishes

Greetings everyone! ♥"It's easy to hate those who give us grief,Allow hate to steal from us, like a thief,Our peace and joy Love doth bringTo our hearts to in harmony sing."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"11/22" Full Size PNG:, what's today? It's month eleven,The year two thousand and ten plus sevenAnd the day, well, it's twenty-two;I've not forgotten t...


content discovered on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 in autumn costumes desktop1920x1080 fake fantasy ghost halloween jack o lantern legend mystical spooky

Greetings everyone! ♥I'm late with posting this but I have other, more pressing priorities. While creating this piece, I began believing I wouldn't ever get it finished because I kept thinking of more elements to add. The title I decided to go with does give new meaning to the term, 'skeleton crew', though.♥"Skeleton Crew" Full Size PNG: "Fright ...


content discovered on Monday, October 23, 2017 in autumn casper cell costumes disguise fun ghost halloween jack o lantern mobile spooky wallpaper

Greetings everyone! ♥Some Halloween cell-phone decor...♥"Halloween Wallpaper" Full Size PNG: -------------------------------------------- Full Size PNG: ---------...


content discovered on Friday, October 20, 2017 in covers expression fable facebook fantasy fun ghost halloween jack o lantern legend mystical spooky

Greetings everyone! ♥I have several Facebook pages besides a profile and I enjoy making Facebook covers for them, including covers with some of my quotes I've authored. These are Halloween themed covers I've been making. If it seems like I'm here on my blogs sometimes and other times not, it's because I have my blogs as a hobby type thing, posting when I can and when other general responsibilities of life aren't consuming all of my time. Being creative, whether through art, writing, music, etc., is who I...


content discovered on Friday, October 20, 2017 in autumn costumes crossword disguise fable fall fun ghost halloween jack o lantern mystical puzzle spooky

Greetings everyone! ♥I used to belong to and moderate a children's website, which was a Heddate site, but is now defunct and is currently a Japanese website. I like to work with and create for children and this crossword puzzle is just one of the many fun things I did for the children on the former children's site. I originally created it in 2006 and just a couple days ago I gave it a makeover. I'm posting it now so children can enjoy doing it. If anyone wants the answers, contact me and I'll be more tha...


Greetings everyone! ♥Halloween is almost here...♥"Spirits' Summons"~ Newer/remake version ~ Full Size PNG:, stirring...Dellaroo stands, smiling over her pot,Stirring up a potion, bubbling hot."Come one, come all!It's time for a spiritual ball!"She spews forth a chant, repeated in three.She dances with joy, tickled with glee.As the vapors...


content discovered on Sunday, October 15, 2017 in autumn casper fall fantasy fun ghost halloween jack o lantern spooky

Greetings everyone! ♥I love Casper!♥"Casper and Jack-O'Lanterns" Full Size PNG:🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃Art by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly©2017-10-04All rights reserved.To see more posts, check out theSitemap.💖📖✍💖🎨🖌💖Website: www.artsieladie.comBlog: (here): http://artsie...


content discovered on Friday, October 6, 2017 in beware contest costumes disguise elftown fairy tale fantasy halloween humour party wolf

Greetings everyone! ♥This poem I wrote along with creating artwork to go with it back in October, 2007 as entries in the Halloween art and poetry competitions used to have. Unfortunately, Elftown has become a virtual ghost town now, barely able to maintain a hundred active members, when it used to have many thousands of active members. I have many great memories from the days when Elftown was a lot of fun to be on, with many great, talented artists and writers. To say I once loved the site an...


content discovered on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 in expression first novice paint yesterday

Greetings everyone! ♥"Winter Wonder" PNG url: is my very first digital work. I had just started to use a computer and the only program I had to use at the time was Paint. I created this using a mouse only, which is still all I use with my digital artworks. There's one other I did about the same time, which I have somewhere. Sometime later, I ad...


content discovered on Monday, September 4, 2017 in blessings celebrate gift greeting hope rejoice thankful today wish

Greetings everyone! ♥I wrote this poem in about twenty minutes one day while I was working on my Rhymetyme Blog and it's on a page there, Have a Blessed Day, instead of as a post here on Heartbeats.This poem creates an example of someone wishing another or others a blessed day, with an expression of understanding they know it's not always as easy to do as it may sound, but also suggests how another or others might accomplish actually turning a downer day into one better and feeling blessed. Oftentimes th...


content discovered on Sunday, August 20, 2017 in fantasy golden horses love pegasus romance

Greetings everyone! ♥"Golden Romance" PNG url:💗Have a Blessed Day!💗Art by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly©2010All rights reserved.To see more posts, check out theSitemap.💖📖✍💖🎨🖌💖Website: www.artsieladie.comBlog: (here): http://arts...


content discovered on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 in angel family god in memory of love sister

Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥This angel is in Loving memory of my dear sister, Carol, but to her family, she was affectionately known and Loved as "Tussie". I know you are at peace with our Lord. Love you and miss you.♥I placed this in a 1920x1080 desktop size along with the poem I wrote as well. It is in a separate post, here:"New Angel" Full Size PNG:


content discovered on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 in 1 button digressive google google view count

Greetings everyone! ♥ Ordinarily, I post my art, poetry, and quotes. But this post is an exception because I'm this disappointed with Google's latest developments or should I say, "digressive moves". I♥ Google and Google products and services for the most part, but what they did by implementing Google Photos to replace Picasa and now, what they've done with the Google+1 button, perhaps someone should inform them that they are NOT making "improvements".As I've stated, generally speaking I like Google pro...


content discovered on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 in flying horse horse mythology pegasus

Greetings everyone! ♥ "Astounding Stallion - Pegasus" Full Size PNG: (14.9 MB) did a WIP of this in 2008. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to go with a unicorn or a Pegasus. Ultimately, I wound up making both. A comment about the WIP Pegasus I received was, "Astounding!" Hence, when I finished it finally in 2013, I decided to title this work,...


content discovered on Friday, July 7, 2017 in bubbles butterflies kittens tinkerbell

Greetings everyone! ♥ I like to change my computer's desktop often, so I recently made this one and with such cutie pie kittens as the subjects, how could I not like? *sharing*♥"Kitties, Bubbles, and Butterflies" Full Size PNG: Bubbles and butterflies on a sunny day Can delight little kitties who like to play.💗 Have a Blessed...


content discovered on Sunday, July 2, 2017 in art god letter love poetry

Greetings everyone! ♥ So often we turn to God in our times of need.In our desperation we go to Him to pleadFor His Help, His Guidance, to fix what has been broken,But when all is well, so fewer words to Him are then spoken.So this makes me wonder how often He must yearnFor some words of gratitude without requesting a return.Few of us humans like the feeling when we're being used.If only called upon to serve a purpose, we are not amused.When we deal with others, we should the Golden Rule apply,Treating ...


content discovered on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 in art background horses

Greetings everyone! ♥ I've been working on my blogs giving them a new look, feel, etc., a make-over. I decided a new look wouldn't be complete without a new background too. So, this is my new background image, except for this image is in the PNG and much better format than the JPG version displayed as my background.♥"Romp At Sunset" Full Size PNG:


content discovered on Monday, June 19, 2017 in art artsie ladie artsieladie design desktop digital horses love wallpaper

Greetings everyone! ♥ For horse lovers like yours truly.♥"Nightstar and Pinnacle" Full Size PNG: One of my favourites to have on my desktop monitor, but then horses are my favourite subjects. lol💗 Have a Blessed Day!💗Art by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly©2014-12-13 11:57:00 (EST)All rights reserved.💖 📖✍💖🎨🖌💖Website:...


content discovered on Sunday, June 18, 2017 in art artsie ladie artsieladie caring giving happiness life love poetry row your boat

Greetings everyone! ♥ For the better part of about the last two weeks I've been working on my blogs, giving them make-overs of sorts. It would be much better and less frustrating if the page/text editor actually co-operated. Numerous times the editor wouldn't work as it should and so, I had to try and figure things out through HTML and I am so not good with this! Anyhow, I still have more to do, especially with Creative Corner, but I'm pausing to post for a change. This poem can be sung, if one knows the...


content discovered on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 in new template

Greetings everyone! ♥(Intro) ♥"(Title here)"(image here if any) Full Size PNG:(PNG link(s) here)Poem here.Poem here.Poem here.Poem here.Art/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly©2014-12-13 11:57:00 (EST)All rights reserved.Website: www.artsieladie.comBlog: (here): Additional Credits:Author: name(s)Url(s)...


content discovered on Thursday, June 1, 2017 in art artsie ladie artsieladie beautiful favourite subject heaven horses love love horses paradise

Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥In case any of my readers/viewers are wondering still, I looooove horses!♥ "Paradise" Full Size PNG (2448x3264): by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly©2016-06-21All rights reserved.Website: www.artsieladie.comBlog (here): http://artsieladie-quotes.blogspot....

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